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2016-17 Health Insurance information will be coming soon. Please check back mid June.


St. Olaf College is interested in the health and well being of our students. As such, St. Olaf requires that all students enrolled at the College have health insurance coverage. If you are not covered under a comparable health insurance policy, you will be required to participate in the Student Accident and Sickness Insurance Plan which is offered through USI Affinity Collegiate Insurance Resources with St. Olaf College’s cooperation. Please click on the link below for the policy information.

All student must complete the online student health insurance form EACH YEAR, whether enrolling or waiving.

Every student enrolled at St. Olaf for the 2015-2016 academic year must complete the waiver or enrollment form. Students who are starting at St. Olaf mid year must complete the form by 4pm  Friday, January 8, 2016 for interim, or 4pm Friday, February 19, 2016 for spring. If the form has not been completed prior to that time, the student will be automatically enrolled in the St. Olaf insurance policy and the premium will be non-refundable.

Student Health Insurance Enrollment form (The browser Mozilla Firefox 30.0 works best when completing this form. The Waiver form for 15-16 is no longer available.)

Whatever your health insurance has been in the past, please consider the following information when choosing between the available options for 2015-2016. First, many home-based HMO plans do not provide adequate coverage outside of your home area. Emergency treatment is often the only acceptable coverage when received outside of the HMO network of providers. Secondly, if you are considering study abroad, many plans do not provide coverage while outside of the United States. We encourage you to review your current health insurance policy with your parents to ensure that it sufficiently covers you while pursuing your academic interests at St. Olaf.

For those of you who are considering Division III sanctioned athletics, the College carries a separate secondary insurance policy to cover injuries sustained in these activities (see College Sports Medicine) for additional information). The Sports Medicine Policy has a $1,000 deductible. This $1,000 can be billed to whatever other insurance policy the student athlete has in place. If you purchase and enroll in the St. Olaf Student Accident and Sickness Insurance Plan, it will pay for the first $500, serving as coverage for part of the deductible on the athletic insurance. Your current policy may not provide athletic coverage. If you are a student athlete, you will need to complete the Student Health Insurance Form prior to providing athletics with your general health information.

For quick, sound medical advice from specially trained Nurses
24 hours a day, 365 days per year
Call toll free at 800-557-0309


For questions about claim status, eligibility, and benefits of the St. Olaf College Student Health plan, please contact:

Consolidated Health Plans

For questions about enrollment please contact:

USI Affinity Collegiate Insurance Resources

 For all other questions please contact Student Accounts at or 507-786-3296.