St Olaf College has migrated to a new voicemail system. 

The initial password to your new mailbox will be 10001000 and will need to be changed as soon as you first log in.  The system still requires an 8 character password, and you may use the same one you were using in the old system if you like.  Your voice mailbox number is the last four digits of your office phone number, just like the old system.

The new voice mail server phone number is 3838, if you have an analog phone this number replaces the 3737 you used to dial to get to your messages.  Anyone with a digital phone only has to press the messages key like before.  Outside of St. Olaf, you may access the system by dialing 507-786-3838, the system will answer with a tone and ask you for the extension of the person you wish to reach. At that time you will press # to get to the access messages function, enter your voice mailbox number and password, and you may listen to your messages remotely.

Attached is a PDF file that shows the TUI (Telephone User Interface) road map concerning which keys to press to get you to certain functions in your mail box.  We have chosen to stick with an emulation that is as close to the old voice mail server as possible.  This file is the CallXpress 8 Quick Reference_Aria.pdf  below.  From our experience, most of the functions are the same.

CallXpress 8 Quick Reference_Aria

Items that have changed:

  1.  Transferring a live call to another person’s voice mailbox.  On a digital phone, you would press the TRANSFER key, dial 3838, when the system asks you for a security code, press *The system will now ask you for an extension, dial the number of the voice mailbox you wish to transfer the call to and either press TRANSFER again (2616, 2008 phones) or CONNECT (3904 phones).  The system will send the caller directly to the voice mailbox.
  2. To perform this function on an analog phone you will PRESS THE SWITCH HOOK to place the caller on hold, dial 3838, when the system asks you for a security code press * the system will now ask you for an extension, dial the number of the voice mailbox you wish to transfer the caller to and PRESS THE SWITCH HOOK again to connect the call.

This system is setup for voicemail to email, and we have enabled this for every user.  This function will send an email containing the Envelope info from the message and a wav file to your St Olaf email address.  You may listen to this wav file on your cell phone by tapping on it or in your GMAIL or Outlook client by clicking on it.

There are a couple of things you should know about the voice mail to email function.

  1.  This can be turned on or off on a per user basis, if you do not like this function, give us a call or an email at Telecom, and I can disable this for you.  You will need to provide your name and voice mailbox number if requesting a change to this function.
  2. When playing a wav file on your cell phone, these files will play using the default music player of the phone, which usually causes the phone to play them through the speaker instead of privately through the handset earpiece.
  3. When playing the wav file through your computer, it has been reported to me that some of the PC’s have iTunes installed and iTunes may not be able to play the wav file.  You will need to set Windows to play wav files by default in Windows Media Player to hear the file correctly.  Your computer will also play the wav file through the speakers instead of privately.