Gidion’s Knot

Gidion's KnotGidion’s Knot

Theater faculty members Dona Freeman and Jeanne Willcoxon focused their 2013 summer studies in an actor’s workout, exploring Johnna Adams’ new play, Gidion’s Knot, which was directed by Minneapolis’ Frank Theatre’s Wendy Knox.  The play, performed in Rolvaag 515 the first weekend of classes, is a frank, raw and emotionally arduous ninety-minute one-act between a fifth grade teacher (Willcoxon) and the mother of one of her students (Freeman) who has recently committed suicide.  The play, as explained by theatre critic Julinda Lewis, is built like the fabled Gordion knot, seeking to untangle issues of “homosexuality and homophobia; freedom of speech and the power of words; creativity versus conformity; and the gray area between one individual’s right to be himself versus the greater good of the majority — and exactly who has the right to determine what is the greater good”.  The piece played to full houses of students and faculty, starting off another year that is sure to be filled with theater experiences on the Hill.

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