Purpose of Procedures

St. Olaf College sponsors a purchase card program enabling employees to make business related purchases for goods and standard (not professional) services.  It is a cost-effective method of paying for purchases and travel expenses. Uses of the purchase card should:

  • Provide cost savings through consolidated payments (one monthly payment made by the Business Office to Wells Fargo verses multiple vendor payments)
  • Reduce paperwork and processing time in the employee’s department, as well as in accounts payable
  • Enhance the purchasing options available to departments
  • Provide an alternative to personal reimbursements

Purchases made through this program must comply with:

The VISA card may NOT be used for:

  • Personal Purchases or to loan to others
  • On campus purchases (e.g. Bookstore), because the College will be assessed fees for processing the credit card
  • Personal services from individuals (1099 non-employee compensation): consultants, speakers, and other personal services. These payments must be requested using a St. Olaf check request form and a properly completed IRS W-9 form.

You are asked to treat this program with the same sense of responsibility and security you would use for your personal credit cards. Violations of procedures or abuse will result in immediate deactivation of your card and possible disciplinary action.

To use the card, an individual must be on College payroll and be authorized to do so by department head, dean or designee.

Who needs to know these Procedures

These procedures apply to all St. Olaf faculty, staff, and students who use a St. Olaf college credit card.