Angela Kerby

Angela KerbyWe would like to spotlight one of our 2007 Humboldt graduates! We are excited to introduce UB alum, Angela Kerby!

After graduating from Humboldt, Angela started her postsecondary experience at Minneapolis Community and Technical College. Fortunate enough to be a part of the Power of You program, Angela had all of her general coursework covered before transferring to Brown College in Mendota Heights. While in college, Angela decided not to participate in any extra-curricular activities because she wanted to focus completely on getting her degree. Although college required a lot of work, she really enjoyed it, stating, “It is a life experience all in its own, with many memories that come along with it.” Angela said her fondest memory in college took place in one of her criminal justice courses when she had to process a mock crime scene. Her instructor picked some very good actors and it was quite memorable.

When asked if college was all she thought it would be, Angela said, “Thanks to the TRIO/Upward Bound program I felt very well prepared going into the college world. I can say that nothing really shocked me while in college. The Bridge Program was very essential to getting an understanding of how college can be.” She also said taking the college course her Bridge year was a big eye-opener. That experience in itself showed Angela college wasn’t just going to be a walk in the park, “It takes a lot of work and consistency to stay on top of your work.”

When asked about her favorite UB memory, Angela had this to say, “I don’t have just one favorite memory. The four years of being in the program is one great memory of mine. I could write a book about all of the memories that were created for me while attending the program. There was never a dull moment.”

Last, but certainly not least, Angela has some advice for our current UB students, “My advice for new UB students – don’t be nervous about leaving home for the summer and being away from friends. You will form plenty of new bonds with other students and staff. I am still very close friends with my old roommate, Cindy Valle. It is a very fun experience that will also benefit you on your journey in life, as well as college. I wouldn’t take it back because I genuinely believe that UB helped me get to the place where I am in my life today, an African American woman with a bachelor’s degree. UB KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK. I AM MOST THANKFUL TO THE STAFF FOR GIVING ME A CHANCE.”

Thank you for reading all about Angela’s journey since UB! We congratulate her on earning her Bachelor’s of Science degree in Criminal Justice this past June! TRIO works!