Study Abroad Snapshots

  • studyabroad1
    Art/Asian Studies 262: Sacred Sites of South Asia Varanasi, India: Morning and evening activities on the Ganges feature fire rituals that include the lighting of floating candles as well as ritual purification through washing in the river. Photo by Catherine Haueter '11.
  • studyabroad2
    Biology 284: Peruvian Medical Experience Lauren Babcock '13 (left) and Christina Benjamin '12 blowing bubbles. Photo by Karla Krumenauer '13.
  • studyabroad8
    Students visit the black township of Kleinmond, South Africa, during Interim's "Social Realities in South Africa."
  • studyabroad3
    Global participant Arielle Johnson '12 joins up with Roland Brown '13 and Kevin Klynstra '13 (both doing St. Olaf's Term in China) to hike the Dragon's Back Mountains in Hong Kong. Photo by Arielle Johnson '12.
  • studyabroad4
    Kristen Svoboda '13 and Stephanie Robert '13 meet the local livestock during a rickshaw ride through Old Delhi while on St. Olaf's Global Semester. Photo by Adam Heinze '12.
  • studyabroad5
    Meagan Schade '15 and Katherine Kihs '13 visit a mosque during French 235: French Language and Moroccan Culture.
  • studyabroad6
    Students hiking in the rainforest on Kosrae, Micronesia, during Nursing 221: Health and Culture in Micronesia. Photo by Tiela Talley '12.
  • studyabroad7
    Gabby Coll '14 and Vicki Anton '14 face off in the campo in Siena, Italy, during Art 255: Italian Art in Context. Photo by Vicki Anton '14.