Mission and Values

The mission of the Peer Educators is to promote awareness and educational programs on healthy lifestyle choices to St. Olaf College students. The Wellness Center encourages personal responsibility and legal accountability in all choices involving alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs. We believe the availability and utilization of harm reduction and intervention services is essential to support students. The Wellness Center strives to educate and support a community that encourages healthy and safe behaviors through personal responsibility, positive social norms, academic engagement and a vibrant co-curricular life. Programs hosted by the Wellness Center are open to all students.

Peer Educator Values

  • Serve as a role model for fellow studenst by living healthy, balanced lives and displaying positive social norms
  • Being a friend who is available to listen to a peer’s stories
  • Provide information on campus resources to students in need
  • Teach responsible habits and decision-making skills to stay safe
  • Counter health myths with accurate information
  • Challenge unhealthy attitudes/behaviors and refuse to be passive bystanders
  • Encourage and support the work of team members
  • Collaborate with student organizations, classes, and offices on campus

Program Learning Outcomes

As a result of participating in Wellness Center services and programs students will be able to:

  1. reduce high risk drinking and other drug use and associated consequences
  2. reduce high risk sexual activity and it’s associated consequences (strategies include postponing sexual activity)
  3. accurately identify normative behaviors of their peers
  4. participate in the creation of a campus environment that is healthy and respectful of how drinking and other drug use impacts fellow students
  5. identify and implement healthy lifestyle choices