Squirrel Social Norms Campaign

What is Social Norming?

The Wellness Center strives to give St. Olaf College students information to keep them healthy and safe. Part of our efforts include collecting data so students can make informed choices. Social Norms is a behavioral change model based on correcting a population’s misperception about behavior. Research has shown that perceptions are one of the strongest predictors of behavior. Many people overestimate negative behaviors and underestimate the positive, protective behaviors of their peers. Correcting the misperceptions provides students with the ability to act on personal values rather than misperceptions and make healthier, positive choices.

The data in the squirrel posters is based on the 2010 National College Health Assessment administered to St. Olaf students in the Spring of 2010. Click on the links below to see an image of each poster.

Don’t Be That Guy– A healthy relationship with alcohol is important and a large number of students at St. Olaf have got it right. Know your limits and know what is a safer amount of alcohol for you to consume. Don’t be that guy. Looking for more information on responsible drinking? Click the link Responsible Drinking link to the left!

Feelin’ Squirrely?– Are you feeling stressed or overwhelmed? Lots of Oles have felt the same way you do. Whether you need a friendly face to talk to or a coloring book to distract you for a few minutes, come to the Wellness Center and let us help. Peer Educators are available to listen, offer advice, refer to a professional, or just hang out.

Share Your Nuts– While eating more is certainly not a solution to eliminating the negative effects of binge drinking, the Wellness Center is encouraged by the 77% of Oles who recognize it is important to have food in your stomach before you consume alcohol. Lean protein is the best food to consume before you drink.

Gone Fishin’– During their four years on the Hill, roughly 1 in 4 Oles NEVER consume alcohol. So, the next time you are feeling all alone on a Saturday night because you don’t want to drink, know that you aren’t! There are a number of activities on campus that are fun for sober people and nearly 25% of Oles find these activities all four years of college. Looking for something to do? Check out www.oleville.com to see what is happening on campus tonight!

Wear Your Rubbers-To help prevent the spread of HIV and disease, as well as prevent pregnancy, the use of protective barriers are key. We’re glad to hear that 73% of Oles who engage in vaginal intercourse use male condoms to protect themselves and their partners. Both male and female condoms are free and available to all students at the Wellness Center.

Use Protection– 25.2% of Oles who reported using a means of birth control use withdrawal as a form of protection when having sex. This method does not prevent pregnancy or the spread of disease. The best way to keep you and your partner safe is to use condoms each time you have sex. Stop in the Wellness Center if you need condoms or other information regarding safe sex practices.

You Don’t Need Marijuana to Get High– 72.4% of Oles report never using marijuana. Oles know there are safe and healthy ways to have fun and relax. Drugs don’t need to be part of that experience.

Butts Are Gross– Oles think so too! 79% of Oles report never using cigarettes. Do yourself a favor and breathe in the fresh, cereal-scented Northfield air.