Alternative Language Study Option (ALSO)

ALSO BannerIn the 2015-2016 academic year, the Alternative Language Study Option (ALSO) will offer students the opportunity to study Arabic and Korean, outside of the traditional language curriculum currently offered at St. Olaf.

The program is administered through Interdisciplinary and General Studies and supervised by the World Languages Center/ALSO program director. The WLC is the main hub for the ALSO program. It offers the necessary space, technology, and instructional materials for language study to be pursued. Any courses taken under the ALSO option cannot be used to fulfill the FOL (foreign language requirement) at St. Olaf; rather, they are intended to serve as an additional option for language study.

Language sessions take place 2-3 times per week (see schedules below). In each language session, students will work with a native-speaker learning facilitator. This facilitator will simplify the learning process of speaking, reading, writing, and general language content, including grammar.

Outside of these class sessions, students will work on homework assignments to continue learning content that will be practiced in class. Students are required to attend weekly tutorial sessions with a native speaker and one language table session per month.

Throughout the semester, students will complete an oral and written midterm and final exam developed by an outside examiner. Grades will be determined through evaluation of student work by the outside examiner and program director. Periodic meetings with the ALSO program director are recommended, to discuss students’ progress in the course.

Language Session Schedules

Spring 2016
Arabic 100 Beginning I MWF 2:00-2:55 PM
(TOH 153 / WLC)
Arabic 101 Beginning II MWF 12:55-1:50 PM
(TOH 153 / WLC)
Korean 103 Beginning II T 9:35-11:00 AM, Th 9:30-10:50 AM
(TOH 153 / WLC)
Korean 203 Intermediate II T 11:45-1:10 PM, Th 12:45-2:05 PM
(TOH 153 / WLC)


Eligibility for participation in the ALSO program is determined by previous language performance. Interested students must have:

  • Successful completion of the college’s FOL (foreign language requirement)
  • 2.75 minimum GPA
  • Two faculty references, one of which must be a former language professor
  • Demonstrated evidence of serious motivation and the ability to work independently

Application Process

Applications for studying Arabic or Korean during the Spring semester 2016 will be accepted until the classes are full. Please use the electronic forms below:

Arabic ALSO Application

Korean ALSO Application

The application process for the Spring semester 2016 will begin on Nov 4th. Please contact the ALSO director at regarding any further information or additional questions.

Contact Information

If you have any questions about the program and/or the application process, feel free to contact any of the names listed below:

Dana Gross
Associate Dean for Interdisciplinary
and General Studies
RNS 132
Renata Debska-McWilliams
WLC/ALSO Director
Faculty of Records
TOH 151
Amine Bekhechi
Professor of French
ALSO Arabic Consultant
TOH 327
Jamie Schillinger
Professor of Religion and
Director of Middle Eastern Studies
ALSO Arabic Consultant
Old Main 320D
Barbara Reed
Department Chair of Asian Studies and Professor of Religion and Asian Studies
ALSO Korean Consultant
TOH 348