Instructions for Students

Headset and Microphone Settings

headset_iconChoose the appropriate operating system and then follow the instructions to set up a microphone and/or headset.

Moodle Instructions for Students

Quicktime_X_Logomoodle-logoBeginning in spring semester 2013, we began utilizing a new type of audio activity on Moodle. For this type of assignment, you create a recording on your computer using Quicktime player and then submit the file on Moodle. For detailed instructions on creating an audio recording in Quicktime and uploading to Moodle, please visit the link below:

For some projects you may be required to record a Quicktime video for an assignment.  You now have the ability to upload Quicktime video files to Moodle.  For detailed instructions on creating Quicktime video files and uploading them to Moodle, please visit the link below:

Adding Audio to PowerPoint

Powerpoint-Mac-LogoIncorporating audio into a PowerPoint presentation can be an excellent tool for language learning. If you plan to add a large audio file or a long recording ( > 15 minutes), follow these instructions to make sure your PowerPoint and audio files stay connected even when you move them to new locations:

Instructions for

The following set of instructions are for language courses that utilize the MyLanguageLabs website ( for class materials and assignments. This website requires Firefox or Internet Explorer, pop-up windows, the newest versions of Java and Adobe Flash Player, and a headset/microphone. For detailed instructions and troubleshooting help, choose the operating system (Mac or Windows) and the compatible browser you wish to use: