Class of 2020 Memories

Favorite Memories from the Class of 2020

Photos and quotes were self-submitted

“Between spending ~3 years on campus, a semester in Oregon, a month in Budapest, and a week in Germany all with your best friends, how can I choose a favorite memory? I am reminded every day of the little moments that happened in each of these locations, and more. I can’t wait til I can see my friends again ❤️” — Anika Schwarz, math major

“My favorite memories are a lot to do with the cross country team. I am really going to miss running with my teammates and always being surrounded by such strong people.” — Bryony Hawgood, biology major

“My roommates and I (The Lads) had a dance party with our other friends that lasted for a long time and by the end, we sat around and talked about how far we had come in our College, how much we appreciated mutual friendship we all shared.” — Alejandro Valero, theater major

“My favorite memory at Olaf is caf tray sledding on Old Main Hill.” — Jordan Weaver, medieval studies major with a concentration in women’s and gender studies

“St. Olaf is more than a place for outstanding academics, an awesome cafeteria, and world-renowned study abroad programs. It is a place where love and community foster relationships that lead to lifelong friendships. At St.Olaf, I found the people that will support me through all of the good and bad that life has to offer. Thank you St.Olaf for the opportunity to create a family. Um Ya Ya!” — Lily Beth Nelson, English major with a concentration in women’s and gender studies

“Finding a ragtag group of misfits on the third floor of Ellingson to learn, laugh, and walk to downtown Northfield with.” — Jacob Gillingham, chemistry major with a concentration in biomolecular science

“My favorite memory from St. Olaf is the night before President’s Ball, when that tree with the white blossoms outside Boe was blooming and the air smelled like Spring and it was nice to have a few hours to enjoy the weather and be dressed up.” — Boraan Abdulkarim, biology major

“My favorite memory from St. Olaf is being able to study the life of Georgia O’Keeffe in New Mexico over Interim and learn about how much that landscape influenced her life and art. I learned a lot and made many new friends during my stay.” — Autumn Perron, art history major with a concentration in Asian studies

“My favorite memories from St. Olaf will be traveling the world with the St. Olaf Choir, and making memories with friends that will last a lifetime! I never regretted choosing St. Olaf for college, and will deeply miss being on campus with friends on a daily basis. Nothing compares to the feel of living at St. Olaf College!” — Michael Tiede, religion major with a management studies concentration

“‘Studying’ with amazing friends at the cage or in regents.” — Diane Kraemer, nursing major

“My favorite memory at St. Olaf is of just going to the Music Library or Rolvaag to study with friends.” — William Beimers, chemistry and music major

“The spring of 2017 when the entire campus came together to stand up for the discrimination that was happening on campus.” — Lupe Romero, psychology and race and ethnic studies major with a concentration in women’s and gender studies

“Pres Ball 2018 I got ready with all my girl friends in Rand and they did my makeup and helped me with my hair so I would look gorgeous and we were all chatting and laughing together. We all went to Chapati with our dates for dinner and then to the ball to dance. I dragged my date onto the dance floor and, although he was super nervous and neither of us knew how to dance, we had a ton of fun dancing together and chatting. I realized I had a crush on him and a few months later we became a couple, but that was the night that started it all.” — Sofia Reed, Chinese major with a concentration in women’s and gender studies

“One of my favorite memories from St. Olaf took place in the honor house Lincoln Inn that I lived in with nine other people and a cat named Milo. On one of the last nights that we were on campus, we did a house game night where we played Oregon Trail and Twister. This particular night, a house rule was that in order to participate in the game, you had to be wearing a hat that one of my housemate’s mom crocheted and sent all ten of us to give us ‘head hugs.’ Following Oregon Trail, Twister ended in a pile of limbs and laughter. In the middle of a global pandemic where the future was so uncertain, playing games and laughing until my face hurt with ladies that I have loved coming home to every night was one of the moments I will be very grateful to have had on the Hill.” — Erica Rempert, nursing major

“My favorite memory from St. Olaf is going out to eat Korean food with my close friends from campus. We had a delicious meal that filled out bellies, and afterwards we went to a nearby ice cream store to buy ice cream and milk tea. It was so good!” — Jose Gomez Jr., studio art major with a K-12 licensure track

“I will never forget how powerful of a moment the choirs create at the end of each night of Christmas Fest when we sing Beautiful Savior. It was such a privilege to be a part of the St. Olaf Choir for two years, and the mass choir all four years of college during Christmas Fest. Experiencing that brief second of silence before the audience finally gets to applaud, while the lights in Skoglund are still out, each night of Fest felt special every time and will be a memory I will cherish forever.” — Blake Northrup, economics and political science major with a concentration in international relations.

“My favorite memories from St. Olaf are meeting some of the best people in the world, dressing up for themed parties, sneaking my dog into my dorm room for a week (don’t hold my diploma! It’s in the past!) and studying abroad in Copenhagen. Also choir. Of course choir.” — Cristiana Hawthorne, French major with a concentration in media studies

“I can’t pick just one memory, there’s too many good ones… I’d say it’s a tie between the hours spent in Skog with Ole Buckets and sitting in the cage talking to friends. I’d give anything to have a few more days of either of those moments.”— Ella Skrien, social work major with a race and ethnic studies concentration.

“Hanging out with pals in the Cage or the Quad 😊❤️” — Hayley Mans, nursing and Spanish major

“My favorite memory of St. Olaf is undeniably going to St. Olaf Band rehearsals every Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday, playing the music of composers like David Maslanka, Jodie Blackshaw, and Alfred Reed. I’m forever grateful for every moment I got to make music with the ensemble and meeting the people who became my closest friends and, ultimately, my family.” — Nahal Javan, instrumental music education major

“I have so many memories from St. Olaf! A few of my favorites include having the opportunity to participate in summer research through CURI, studying abroad in Western Australia, and meeting my closest friends through involvement with the women’s golf and hockey teams while playing the sports I love.” — Samantha Klemann, chemistry major with concentrations in management studies and race and ethnic studies

“My favorite St. Olaf memory is sitting in the Judean Desert watching the sunset with my friends after a tiring day of climbing Masada and swimming in the Dead Sea.” — Eva Knee, individual major in public health policy and administration

“Joining Residence Life was the best decision I made on campus. I got to meet a lot of people that I’ll never forget.” — John Ostermeyer, political science major

“One of my favorite memories from St. Olaf will always be taking in the sunset on our last evening on campus with some of my closest friends.” — Emily Geiger, vocal music education major

“My favorite memory from St. Olaf is studying abroad on Global Semester! Also winning the Women’s DIII National Championship with Vortex in spring of 2018 and living in THE BEST honor house on campus during senior year with my best friends…the picture is from our last day together before coronavirus scattered us across the country.” — Kelsey Halverson, English major with a concentration environmental studies and a with a K-12 licensure track

“I feel so lucky to have been part of the St. Olaf Band for four years, and because of this I’ve gotten to experience three commencement weekends. My favorite memories come from these days when the campus cleared out, the Band inevitably beat the Orchestra at the Broken Bat softball game, and the nights were quiet and warm with the perfect sunset coming across the quad after dinner. These final days on campus every year never failed to be full of fun and hugs.” — Ella Harpstead, music composition major with concentrations in German and film studies

“I first visited St. Olaf as a junior in high school, and I sat in on a panel about the Conversations programs. I distinctly remember Doug Casson as someone I instantly admired and wished to learn from, after observing his passion for Great Con and his warm presence. I selected St. Olaf largely to be amongst professors like him, and to experience something like Great Con. After going through the 2-year program and having him as a political science professor, Doug Casson became my advisor and one of my most trusted mentors in my time on the Hill. Opportunities for relationships like this one are what I will remember the most from my time at St. Olaf.” — Nina Rickett-Green, individual major in social change: activism and agency with a concentration in race and ethnic studies

“My best memories from St. Olaf came from the times I spent with my best friends on and off the football field. Being able to spend four years with these guys made the grind worth it in all aspects, from in the classroom to on the field. Sharing in common accomplishments we all worked so hard for gave me a bond with my teammates that made us family. These relationships and memories are things I’ll cherish forever.” — Max Dowdy, economics major with an emphasis in business management

“My favorite memory from my time at St. Olaf is swimming with my friends and peers at the Great Barrier Reef while we identified sting ray species. However, if I were to choose an on-campus memory, I would say one of my favorites was spending late evenings with friends in the Larson parlor.” — Henry Henson, biology and environmental studies major with a concentration in statistics and data science.

“My favorite memories include the nordic team dinners and also when one of my friend groups got matching t-shirts.” — Ben Alcorn, political science and economics major with concentrations in international relations and statistics and data science

“My favorite memories from St. Olaf are those that involve all of the amazing, brilliant, and caring Oles that have become my best friends over the past four years. From ruling the halls of Kittelsby to traveling abroad with some of them, every moment with friends was memorable!” — Marissa Moss, psychology and Spanish major

“Spending an entire saturday laying on the Rand quad with my roommates in the sun.” — Britta Koenen, biology major with a concentration in women’s and gender studies

“My favorite memories at St. Olaf include hammocking outside on Mellby lawn and caf tray sledding down Old Main hill with my pod.” — Emily Patterson, psychology major with a statistics and data science concentration

“It’s hard to pinpoint one memory as a favorite. Between the quad studying, late-night chats, pause pizza/cookie runs, and caf meals, the one constant in everything is the time spent with the lifelong friends I made on the Hill. In particular, some of the best memories I will always cherish is being set-up with a roommate for sophomore year, knowing virtually nothing about her. Throughout the year, she slowly became on of my best friends, and I’ll always cherish the 2.5 years coming ‘home’ at night to her, the late-night Netflix watch parties, the half-asleep conversations, and knowing that at the end of the day I always had a person in my corner.” — Megan Hussey, psychology and women’s and gender studies major with a concentration in statistics and data science

“One of my favorite memories on the Hill was when I gave my chapel talk my senior year on Tuesday, October 8, 2019. It was the most vulnerable I had been on a public level. However, the outpouring of love and support I received from various students, faculty, and staff will always be remembered.” — Andrew A. Gonzalez, vocal music education major

“It seems nearly impossible to choose just a single favorite memory from my time at St. Olaf. Though several moments stick out as top highlights, my very favorite memories from St. Olaf center around the people I was with. Little moments, such as dancing in the locker room with my teammates after practice, getting dinners in the caf with my housemates, working shifts in the Admissions Office with one of my best friends, or eating espresso chip ice cream on the quad with old friends, were the most meaningful to me throughout my four years on the Hill. I am extremely grateful for the many ways my time at St. Olaf has enriched my life.” — Meredith Moore, psychology major with concentrations in neuroscience and women’s and gender studies.

“It’s almost too hard to choose a favorite memory from my time at St. Olaf. The moment I moved into Kittelsby Hall I was already surrounded by my best friends without even knowing it. I have stuck with these friends my whole four years at school and I will continue to do so as we move onto our next chapters in life. I am extremely grateful of all the amazing memories I have made on and off campus with my fellow Oles.” — Jens Albright, biology and economics major.

“I will forever treasure the time I spent walking in the natural lands with my friends, having silly and insightful conversations.” — Kate Hemingway, English major with concentrations in women’s and gender studies and Nordic studies

“All of my top memories throughout my time at St. Olaf came in 2019 during my spring baseball season and fall study abroad experience. Visiting the Great Pyramids of Giza, hitting a walk-off three home run down two runs, and scoring the tying run on a walk-off hit to win a game in the playoffs were all surreal and forever memorable St. Olaf moments.”— Ryan Torbenson, economics major with an emphasis in finance

“Too many to choose, but becoming friends with someone and knowing we’ll be lifelong friends beyond St. Olaf was definitely a favorite (and frequent) memory.” — Disa Sullivan, biology major with concentrations in biomolecular science and neuroscience

“Some of my favorite memories came from performing and competing with the amazing Ballroom Performance Team that I call family. I will miss waking up at 6 a.m. to do hair and makeup for competitions. I will miss being able to perform with the team at the Company Dance Spring Concert. I will miss competing against other schools and placing 3rd out of 11 teams in team match. I will miss all the blisters and sweat from dancing, but most of all I will miss all the friends that I made along way.” — Ivy Tong, social work major with a concentration in management studies.

“One of my favorite memories at Olaf was traveling to Israel, Palestine, and Jordan during January of 2019. I found the experience deeply valuable as we studied not only the historical context of the Bible, but also the current conflict taking place.” — Selene Serkland, economics and mathematics major with a concentration in statistics

“My favorite memory from St. Olaf was decorating the Wendell Berry House for Christmas. I will never forget the memories made laughing and enjoying hot chocolate with my housemates. Special shoutout to Victor the Furby for being the best tree topper a house could ask for!” — Hannah Martens, English major

“One of my favorite memories at Olaf was coordinating the illumination ceremony my junior year. I was in charge of the preparation and the set up of all the lanterns on the quad. Seeing it all come together and watching the seniors experience such a magical and meaningful event was so wonderful. It was also a time for me to say goodby and congratulations to all the seniors I had befriended and celebrate their accomplishments. This memory is especially important to me now that my class hasn’t had the opportunity to experience this event.” — Megan Rossman, art history major.

“My four years at St. Olaf can’t be encapsulated by a single memory; whenever I think about my time at St. Olaf, I immediately think of others. Whether it was rolling down Old Main Hill, caf tray sledding, hammocking during a sunset, stargazing, attempting to study in the Ref Room, having breakfast at the Ole Store and walking to the Northfield Farmer’s Market to get a bundle of flowers, or exploring the world, my favorite memories through Olaf were with my community of people.” — Emily Johnson, biology and Norwegian major with concentrations in educational studies and Nordic studies.

“Competing for the Women’s Cross Country/Track and Field programs, especially at our home course and track, as well as studying abroad in Morocco over Interim.” — Lisa Fisher, biology major with concentrations in statics and data science and environmental studies.

“One of the reasons I attended St. Olaf was because of the study abroad opportunities. I was fortunate enough to participate in three interims abroad. In my freshman year, I completed Intermediate Spanish II in Costa Rica. Sophomore year, I participated in the Classical Studies in Italy program. My junior year I traveled to England for the Theater in London program. Studying abroad provided me with the opportunity to learn about different cultures and different languages, make new friends, and expand my view of the world around me. Because of these experiences, I have memories that will last a lifetime.” — Katie Braman, psychology and women’s and gender studies major with concentrations in family studies and media studies

“It is hard to have a favorite memory when I have made so many incredible ones during my time on the Hill. I have loved playing soccer and competing in track and field with my teammates who have become my family over the seasons. I will miss class challenges, gameday selfies, beating the Tommies (2018 season), and 12th man traditions with STOWS. Competing in the pentathlon and heptathlon has been a highlight of mine, especially in my junior and senior seasons. I have loved the challenge of every event, and the feeling of finishing an 800 after 4 or 6 previous events. It was special to share this feeling of passion, grit, and determination with my multi teammates.” — Mackenzie Schoustra, exercise science major

“While it is hard to pick one memory, I have fond memories of long dinners spent in Stav Hall with good friends. Dinner at the Caf offered an opportunity to gather and reconnect after a busy day of classes, extracurriculars, and other commitments. Our dinners were filled with debates, discussions, stories, jokes, and a stable supply of desserts.” — Carter Mickelson, political science and Spanish major with a concentration in international relations.

“Late nights in the library, watching The Bachelor with the team, away games, laughs on the bus ride, memories and friends that will last a lifetime.” — Katie Crowley, exercise science with an emphasis on pre-medicine.

“One of my favorite memories from St. Olaf College has to be every Friday, getting cage ice cream and then seeing the movie playing in Viking. I lived for Fridays.” — Clare Waddell, studio art major with a concentration in education.

“Some of my favorite memories at St. Olaf have been supporting other Ole athletes as they compete!” — Katie Brumley, economics major with areas of emphasis in finance and international economic analysis and policy with a concentration in education.

“My favorite moments from St. Olaf were the ones I got to share with teammates. This includes meals in the caf, bus trips, and getting to play on the brand new rink. I’m so grateful for all the people who made my time at St. Olaf so special.” — Maddie Etienne, political science and economics major with a concentration in race and ethnic studies.

“My j-term class at Holden Village (2019) tried to prank our professor by hiding on the upper level balcony of our classroom. It definitely failed—he saw us immediately—but it was so fun to plan with my classmates!” — Emer Kate Sanders, studio art major with a concentration in Middle Eastern studies.

“All of the long nights we stayed up, cuddled together, puzzling through ourselves when we should have been writing papers.” — Joanna Hancock, English and psychology major.

“One of my favorite memories with my Ole teammates was when four of us made the last-minute decision to road trip to Milwaukee for game 7 of the NLCS. We didn’t get back to our dorms until 5am the next day, but we had a blast and it made for quite a memorable experience.” — Luke Feigal, economics major.

“One of my favorite memories from St. Olaf was getting the opportunity to travel Europe for a semester with some of my best friends. We visited Florence, where we watched one of the most beautiful sunsets I’ve ever seen, overlooking the entire city. It was one of those awe-inspiring moments that I’ll remember for the rest of my life. Thank you, St. Olaf!” — Megan Johnson, psychology major with a concentration in management studies.

“One of my favorite memories at St. Olaf was when we hosted the indoor conference meet for track and field last year. It was so much fun because there were so many Oles there to cheer us on, when normally there are mostly just parents there to watch. It was such an awesome experience that I will never forget.” — Emily Bohlig, psychology major.

“Like everyone else it’s hard to pick a specific memory but my favorite definitely has to be all the times I’ve spent at the Cage chatting with a good friend and and enjoying some espresso chip ice cream.” — Karissa Caddy, psychology major.

“I was able to get my dream internship and my best friends from St. Olaf flew out for a week to hang out and support me! I am so lucky to have met these wonderful people.” — Cory Kieras, psychology and computer science major

“One of my favorite memories is hiking up Mount Fløyen in Bergen, Norway, with my closest friends on international tour last summer! Beyond the musical component, getting to explore a beautiful country with amazing people was the best part. Our free day started with a delicious buffet breakfast in the hotel, and then we explored Bergen and hiked up this gorgeous trail. It rained on us on the way down, but at least we made it to the top first!” — Kaitlyn Clawson, piano performance major.

“I think the best part about going to St. Olaf was the joy and support I experienced with my Ytterboe pod. This incredible group of women made every day a favorite memory but some specifics would be our frequent movie nights, games nights, and massage trains.” — Hannah Prichard, psychology and studio art major.

“One of my favorite memories from St. Olaf would have to be my study abroad trip to Ghana. This trip allowed me to meet and grow close to some of my best friends and I gained a lot of insight that I wouldn’t have if it were for this interim trip. It was an unforgettable experience! Um ya ya!!!” — Julia Maras, history and social studies education major.

“I loved getting ready for the President’s Ball with my friends. We would all go to each other’s dorms/rooms to listen to music and socialize before spending the night together.” — Kaitlyn Nordling, chemistry major.

“This pod started freshman year. Whether we began in HillKitt, Mohn, Kildahl, or Ellingson, something brought us all together that year. In the beginning, racing to the end of our St. Olaf journey was exciting, but it has become bittersweet as we are now crossing the finish line as brothers. Four years later! Here’s to Ytterhome!” — Aaron Dillard, English major.

“A favorite memory of mine was studying abroad in Italy during junior year with @philip.shady! We farmed and learned about sustainable agriculture, met wonderful people, and had the opportunity to travel a TON. I’ll always remember the times we sprinted through train stations and airports trying to make the most of every minute we had in the places we got to visit.” — Jillian Kristufek, biology major

“My favorite moment to remember from my four years at St. Olaf is from my freshman year. My friends and I were wandering through the Natural Lands during nighttime, and eventually we ended up lying on the grass to look up at the stars. One of us commented that the mass of sky made her feel insignificant and unimportant. Another of us said, ‘Well, you matter to me and that’s important.’ Although I could have chosen any number of other events, this moment is dearest to me, and the most significant of all.” — Naomi Brandt, English major with concentrations in Nordic studies and race and ethnic studies

“It’s so hard to pick one favorite memory, as my time at St. Olaf was full of so many emotions, people, and events. My favorite thing at St. Olaf was participating in Christmas Festival all four years, first in Manitou and then in Chapel Choir. More specifically, I think my favorite part was the end of each performance, the slow, beautiful, meaningful song in the round followed by Beautiful Savior and then the lights going out. Something about this part of each night was so magical and joyful. And then, as a member of Chapel Choir (or as we call it, the Cran fam) I got to grab the hands of the people next to me and run down the risers in a chaotic manner that was so much fun! Something about the end of each performance felt so full of community, love, and joy, and it’s a feeling I will cherish.” — Cara Almquist, Spanish major with a concentration in linguistics

“One of my favorite memories with my friends was participating in an on-campus organization called Alpha Phi Omega. Through this, I met lots of great people and was able to serve Northfield and the greater community through a variety of different projects. This picture was taken at one of my favorite events every year, pledge initiation, where the first semester pledges are initiated into members and we all gather to eat pizza and welcome them.” — Philip Jordan Shady, biology major.

“My favorite memory from St. Olaf is getting to live in an honor house with some of my best friends senior year!” — Elizabeth Dunigan, environmental studies major with a concentration in management studies.

“One of my favorite memories of St. Olaf would be going to Russia for the Theater in Russia class or when mock trial went to Sectionals (ORCS).” — Cole Hamilton, history and Russian area studies major

“One of my favorite memories at St. Olaf was leaving the ref room at midnight after finishing a Great Con paper, and then going to the Pause to celebrate with pizza and cookies with my friend Kelsey Halverson.” — Victoria Knutson, math major with a statistics concentration

“There are too many memories to count but my favorite memory would be hanging out on campus in all four seasons (my favorite would be Holland) and Northfield (Malt-O-Meal and Hide Away) with the amazing friends I have made over the past four years.” — Jenna Kallestad, economics and political science major with an emphasis in public policy

“One of my favorite memories of Olaf is when our pod cooked a meal in the dorm kitchen and celebrated “friendsgiving” around Thanksgiving time. This memory made me realize how thankful I am to have a group of people who see me and love me completely as I am.” — Abby Benusa, Spanish and biology major with a concentration in women’s and gender studies

“Playing in a broom ball league on both the outside ice by Ytterboe and on the new ice rink. Also, spring at St. Olaf when you can study outside with friends.” — Michaela Marie Crowley, environmental studies and race and ethnic studies major

“How do I pick just one favorite memory from St. Olaf!?! There are so many to choose from…I could talk about playing in Norseman band, or studying abroad in Ecuador and Palestine, or participating in shenanigans at the Nursing Department. I don’t think I can choose just one memory. Instead, I would say that all of my favorite moments at St. Olaf (or abroad with my St. Olaf peers) involved my friends and our community. I won’t remember the assignments I stressed over, or the papers and projects I spent hours on, I will remember the people. My fellow oles-canoles😊

That being said…If you were to force me to choose ONE singular memory to capture the essence of my St. Olaf experience, I would say the late-night finals caf meals where our staff/faculty served us. We came together after spending hours or days of studying and ate some scrambled eggs, sausage, hash browns, and of course Johnny Pops. You could look around the caf and see people laughing so hard their bellies ached, smiling so wide it hurt, and enjoying their time with their cherished friends. A chorus of ‘Um-Ya-Ya’ would break out and we would all sing together to celebrate another great semester and all of our hard work and accomplishments. That’s what St. Olaf is about: dedication to our academic achievements, determination to be the best versions of ourselves, and loyalty to one another as we make our way through our undergrad experience and move into the real world. Oles will always be there for each other. Oles can. Oles will.” — Anna Janning, nursing and religion major

“Choosing one singular memory to be my favorite is an impossible task. Every moment I spent as an Ole student-athlete was a dream come true. From having the opportunity to travel across the world to simply laughing with my friends in our pod in Ytterboe, St. Olaf has given me a home I will cherish forever. A memory that sticks out to me above all others is my entire senior volleyball season. The season was full of so much passion, laughter, adrenaline, love, and hard work. There was something almost transcendent about competing at such a level knowing all 20 members of your team hold the same aspirations as you. Competing in the NCAA tournament was a dream I held since I was a little girl watching sports. I would not have wanted to do it with any other group of women. I remember the night before our final match, sitting in our hotel room, laughing, talking, and playing games together. I was feeling so excited for the match to come that I could not relax the whole week leading up to it. Being in the hotel and feeling everyone’s hope and drive gave me a sense of peace I had not been able to find away from them. I cannot put into words the feelings I would get around my teammates. St. Olaf volleyball is a special program full of some of the most incredible women I will ever know. This is why my favorite memories involve chasing our dream and throwing our hearts on the line to win for each other. Thank you Ole Volleyball and thank you St. Olaf.” — Emily Jarnigan, environmental studies and exercise science major with concentrations in educational studies and management studies

“My favorite athletics-related memory from St. Olaf was from my sophomore year at the MIAC Outdoor Track and Field Championships. It was the last event of the competition, the 4x400m relay, and our team was seeded 8th in the conference. We just couldn’t really put it together during the season. The baton passing order was myself to Zach Herman to Sean Lonergan to Joe Pugh. Joe was a senior and this was his last race of his college career. We had dropped the baton in the 4×100 earlier in the meet and everyone was frustrated about that, but Joe got us together in a huddle and said a few words. We all put our hands in and before we yelled ‘Oles’ on three, Joe leaned in one more time and said ‘Gentlemen, let’s leave it on the track.’ It had been cloudy all day but the sun poked out over the trees of Carleton’s Laird Stadium as I got in the blocks. The gun went and the cheering was reduced to a muffle, just my breath and the skrit skrat of my spikes on the track could be heard. I passed the baton and watched as each of my teammates ran out of their minds, streaking from an 8th place ranking to a scintillating 3rd place for the Oles. I got to spend a beautiful evening in Northfield competing with my teammates, classmates, and friends; executing a race plan to perfection. We left our hard work on the track but we made sure to keep the memory with us.” — Benjamin Scott, mathematics and physics major.

“Many of my favorite memories of St. Olaf are through my time as an EMT on campus. I made so many amazing friends for life, and I even got to travel to Machu Picchu on the Peruvian Medical Experience with them! Our skill set gives us such an amazing opportunity to give back to the St. Olaf community and the Northfield community through volunteering at HealthFinders, the Northfield EMS station, and providing medical care on campus. We also had so many fun community events like our AED scavenger hunt and mock medical scenarios complete with makeup and fake blood!” — Sara Spanjers, biology major

“Of all the things I have done at St. Olaf and all of the amazing people I have met, the swim team will always hold a special place in my heart. The team that made St. Olaf my first home away from home. I am so thankful for my amazing friends and family who have supported me through these years. It’s been a great adventure.” — Solvay Metelmann, social work and psychology major

“I know it sounds super cheesy but I honestly don’t think I can pick a favorite memory at St. Olaf. I have so many good memories from my four years on the Hill and will really miss being with all the people and in the place that have come to represent home to me. I know that the people I have met and have had the privilege of spending four years with make up the best memories I have from St. Olaf. This photo represents how St. Olaf has introduced me to so many people who have come to mean so much to me. My roommate and I lived together all four years and I am going to miss living with her after leaving St. Olaf!” — Abigail Wollam, history and political science major

“It’s too difficult to choose just one favorite, but traveling to regattas with the rowing team and office hours with the Pause team definitely rank highly on the list!” — Julia Pritchard, math and biology major with a concentration in mathematical biology

“Planning and performing at KARIBU’s African & Caribbean Nights because I got to embrace my inner artist while surrounded by my favorite people on campus.” — Gugu Mkhulisi, independent major in entrepreneurial development for African women with concentrations in women’s and gender studies and Africa and the African diaspora

“My favorite memory from being a student-athlete at St. Olaf is from the 2019 USCSA Nationals in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, my junior year. The team came into the week excited to be in a beautiful place and excited to ski fast and have a lot of fun doing what we love. The weather was amazing all week and the skiing was even better. Myself and the other women were able to put two really awesome days of racing together and finish third overall as a team, and each of us had notable individual results as well. We were a little surprised because we were not thinking about results until it seemed like we might be in the mix on the second day of racing. It was so rewarding to see our hard work in the gym and on the snow show through. The way we came together as a team that week and supported one another on and off the Hill is what makes college ski racing so amazing. It is one my favorite weeks of skiing to look back on.” — Allie Clarke, environmental studies major with a concentration in education

“My favorite memory from St. Olaf is sitting around a crowded circle table with all of my friends, eating a meal together.” — Helen Larson, chemistry major with a concentration in environmental studies

“My favorite memory is being a part of African and Caribbean Nights, where we come together to share our story and celebrate our cultures. ‘Unity is strength, division is weakness’ – Swahili Proverb” — Angela Mrema, French and race and ethnic studies major with concentrations in management studies and Africa and the African diaspora

“Although we were all on different teams, I absolutely loved playing with these girls (and all of the other girls on the MIAC teams for that matter). We were always cheering each other on, which made my collegiate golf experience so memorable.” — Solveig Christenson, exercise science major

“The last four years have been packed with so many wonderful memories, but some of my favorites are singing beautiful music in Christmas Fest with the St. Olaf Chapel Choir, exploring a new place while studying abroad for a semester in Copenhagen, working in the Admissions Office and Piper Center, beginning dance-filled rehearsals for Mamma Mia before COVID hit, and spending time with friends in any capacity, whether that be dressing up for Pres Ball or hanging out in a dorm room.” — Katie Anderson, English and music major with a concentration in management studies

“My favorite memories are those I shared with my friends. My friend Ella Doud and I won the lip sync competition sophomore year. I also always looked forward to supper with my friends each night and hearing about their days. Another fun memory was all the times we woke up early on Sunday for Ole rolls😊” — Skylar Whitcomb, physics and Norwegian major with a concentration in Nordic studies

“My favorite memory as a student-athlete is competing at cross country nationals in Louisville during the fall of my senior year.” — Sean Lonergan, political science and economics major with a concentration in Japan studies

“I have many many favorite memories that surround my college experience. But some of the most formative ones are from singing with the St. Olaf Choir, which I had dreamed of since I was a little girl. It was here that I met people that will be in my life forever and I will always cherish moments of performance and rehearsal. Thank you to everyone that has been a part of this journey.” — Lily Askegaard, vocal music education major

“My favorite memory of St. Olaf is the first time I raced with the rowing team in the fall of my freshman year. We raced against St. Benedicts and St. Cloud and our boat won a race for the first time in StoRow history. I remember feeling so proud to be a member of our rowing club and to be a part of St. Olaf as a whole.” — Helen Thieme, social work major with a concentration in family studies

“It’s hard to think of one memory when the minute I think of one, another one comes up. So I’ll just say that the times I’ve spent with friends in the dorms, in the Natural Lands, and all over campus have been the best memories I’ve made. I wouldn’t give up these four years for the world.” — Noah Letscher, theater and English major

“Many of my favorite memories from St. Olaf were simply spring afternoons on campus, under the warm sun. Something we didn’t get this year. Friday afternoons were particularly special. When classes finished and you just went out and laid in the grass, sat on the stone benches outside Buntrock, threw around a frisbee, or strung up some hammocks. There was a certain feeling of relief mixed with relaxation that spread all across campus on those Friday afternoons in the spring. I’ve had plenty of those days in the last four years, but right now it doesn’t quite feel like I had enough of them. Still, I’m thankful for all the blissful Friday afternoons that I did have and I will hold onto those warm memories forever.” — Johnny Goodson, political science and American Studies major with a concentration in media studies

“My favorite memories are finding community and growing in my abilities by working in the Pause. Feeling the energy of the room as we produce a large rock show or feeling the sincerity of an In Black monologue – no matter what the event was, being part of the team that put it on was challenging and exhilarating, and helped prepare me for a career after graduation.” — Ross Grant, religion major with a concentration in media studies

“Some of my favorite memories are from my tours with the St. Olaf Choir: wandering around Norway at midnight because the sun never sets in the summer, driving through a cloud on our way across the Oregon/California border, and packing a tiny boxcar diner in Massachusetts for our senior night. It’s been hard being away from these people, who I’m used to spending an hour and a half a day with, but I know I’ve made friends and memories that’ll last a lifetime.” — Bronwyn Redvers-Lee, music major with a concentration in media studies

“It’s hard to choose just one favorite memory because every single one has made my St. Olaf experience what it is. Almost all my experiences have to do with the amazing community that I’ve built over the last four years. From dressing up for casino night, to long chats at the Cage, late nights with friends, and meeting other Oles abroad!” — Kayla Bilderback, biology major with a concentration in women’s and gender studies

“One of my favorite memories from St. Olaf will always be my Peru Interim trip my junior year. Spending time with a group of 17 other students for a semester, then embarking on a trip to provide medical care to children and their families will be something I always cherish. The many laughs, the quotes, the sweat, and the smiles made this a trip one I will never forget!” — Emily Bukowski, nursing major

“The friendship squad ‘Do you know what’s hip? Friends-hip’ – Nisha A. ’19” — Zach Granowski, biology major

“One of my favorite memories at Olaf was going on a pottery tour of western Wisconsin with a bunch of my closest friends this fall. We made a whole day out of this mini road trip, stopping by River Falls, Stillwater, and other towns to scope out local art.” — Alyson Brinker, English and political science major with a concentration in women’s and gender studies

“One of my favorite memories of St. Olaf is the summer I spent doing CURI with Meredith Holgerson. Studying ponds with her deepened my appreciation for the environment and for doing research. I learned a lot and had so much fun along the way! Plus, I only fell in the ponds once! If I had to pick another thing I’ll miss, it is the way campus changes with the seasons. While I’m glad I won’t have to trudge up the hill while fighting a snowstorm, nothing beats sunsets on campus.” — Margot Groskreutz, biology major

“During my time at St. Olaf, I’ve taken advantage of a number of opportunities, but I think my all time favorite memory was on the Israel interim trip in 2019 when we went were able to hike up the ruins of the Ancient city of Gamla in the Golan Heights. It was so windy and muddy, but the ruins and views were incredible. We had a lot of fun exploring the area. I still haven’t stopped talking about how cool I think Gamla is.” — Jane Schlendorf, history major with a concentration in management studies

“Even among the ‘big’ experiences I’ve been lucky to have at St. Olaf, it’s the little moments that have mattered the most. Playing cards in Peru, gazing at the stars outside Hilleboe, befriending the cats in Israel, and taking walks around Northfield with my friends. My favorite memory is of visiting the Minnesota State Fair with five (yes, five) of my friends. It was a wonderful chance to share part of my identity as a Minnesotan with other Oles, and this sharing of identities and experiences is what I love about St. Olaf.” — Neetij Krishnan, biology major with a concentration in biomolecular science

“Some of my favorite memories from St. Olaf started at Hoyme. I met some of my best friends there and we stuck together for all four years. I remember sledding down on Caf trays, late night chats in the lounge, goofing off in Regents, and napping in the library. I am also grateful for being able to study abroad in Cuba, the Bahamas, and Peru as I made many new friends who I wouldn’t have met otherwise!” — Amy Lao, biology major with concentrations in neuroscience and race and ethnic studies

“One of my favorite memories at Olaf was spending my 22nd birthday in Russia. My host mom took us four Olaf students and the other host families to ride horses and have a picnic out in the Russian countryside. She even tied birthday balloons to my jeans for the day so everyone we saw would know it was my birthday. It was such a fun day that I will never forget.” — Tori Wright, Russian and Spanish major

“Although it is difficult to choose, my favorite memory of my time at St. Olaf was living with such amazing pod-mates in Ytterboe. While we lived together, we threw a holiday party where we celebrated by exchanging gifts and reminiscing about memorable events that occurred that semester. I am incredibly grateful for all of the fun memories we shared.” — Erik Lepisto, history and social studies education major

“Picking a favorite memory from my past four years is no easy task. When I look back on my time at St. Olaf, the memories that flood my brain are so vastly different from one another that it makes me realize how much I was able to experience. I’ll always hold a special place in my heart for AmCon, KSTO, and the study abroad programs where everything seemed to go wrong (including my 5 a.m. trip to the hospital). I’ll remember the chaotic moments as much as the mundane ones, and cherish them eternally.” — Isabel Istephanous, biology and environmental studies major

“My time at St. Olaf is hard to summarize. There were many ups and downs but I can truly say that it was the best four years of my life. I met so many amazing people on the Hill from professors I still stay in contact with and friends whom I’ll be linked to for the rest of my life. I also have to shout out the 11 other senior hockey players from the class of 2020. I was given 11 automatic brothers in them when I arrived on the Hill and the memories we made on and (especially) off the ice will stay with me forever. Thank you St. Olaf for everything, I am so proud to be an alumni of this amazing institution.” — Roshen Jaswal, exercise science major with a concentration in management studies