Art & Art History

Starting a major

  • STUDIO ART (10 courses): begin with Foundations: Art 102, Art 103, and/or Art 104
  • ART HISTORY (9 courses): begin with Art 153: Introduction to Art History

Are there courses students MUST/SHOULD/CAN take their First Year?

  • Must:  There are no courses that must be taken the first year
  • Should: Any of the Foundation classes (102, 103, 104, 153)
  • Can: Anything of interest and/or any of the Foundation classes

Credit for previous coursework

  • Art History AP Exam: An AP score of 4 or 5 counts for Art 153 for both the Art History and Studio Art Majors.
  • Studio AP Exam (Drawing, 2D or 3D): An AP score of 4 or 5 counts as 1 elective course in the Studio Art Major.
  • Credit for transfer courses or other programs are done in consultation with the Registrar and the chair of Art and Art History.


  • There are no placement procedures for either major

Informational Events

  • Departmental Information Sessions during Week One
  • Departmental Picnic in mid-September

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Contacts & Department Location

To print or download, click on this link: Art and Art History Information Sheet