Starting a major

  • The first course in the Psychology major is Psych 125, Principles of Psychology, which examines the basic principles and methods of psychological science.
  • A student does not need to take Psych 125 if he or she already:
    • has a Psychology AP score of 4 or 5 OR
    • has credit for Introductory Psychology from another college’s course.

Are there courses students MUST/SHOULD/CAN take their First Year?

  • Must:
    • There are no courses that must be taken during the first year.
  • Should:
    • Ideally, students take Psych 125 in their first year.
  • Can:
    • Students wishing to take additional courses can take a 200-level Psychology course or a Statistics course. Any student who has credit for Introductory Psychology – either through Psych 125, the AP test, or through another college’s course – may take any 200-level Psychology course, except for Psych 230 (which has Statistics as a prerequisite).

Credit for previous coursework

  • Credit is given for an AP Psychology score of 4 or 5.
  • Credit for transfer courses is done in consultation with the Registrar and the Chair of the Psychology Department.


  • There is no placement exam for Psychology.

Informational Events

  • Departmental Information Session (Week One).

Other Information/College Catalog Link/Website Link

Contacts & Department Location

The Psychology Department Office is located in Regents Hall 236.

  • Psychology Department Chair: Grace Cho (, x3352.
  • Psychology Department Academic Administrative Assistant: Darla Frandrup (, x3142.

To download and print, click on this link: Psychology Information Sheet