Russian Language

Starting a major

  • Most students start with Russian 111, “Beginning Russian,” in their first semester and take Russian 112 in spring semester.

Are there courses students MUST/SHOULD take their First Year?

  • Potential majors will need to take four years of Russian language courses. Starting in one’s first year is the usual path, but it is possible to start sophomore year and catch up by doing an intensive summer language program.

Useful planning information

  • Russian majors study abroad during the first semester of their senior year.

Credit for previous coursework

  • In some cases, credit may be granted for previous Russian language courses if taken at the college level. Consultation with the faculty in the Russian Language and Area Studies Department will determine if and how much credit will be granted.
  • Credit for transfer courses or other programs is done in consultation with the Registrar and the Department Chair of Russian Language and Area Studies.

Informational Events

  • Week One Information Sessions
  • The RLAS Department will host a social event at the Russian House sometime early in the fall.

Other Information/College Catalog Link/Website Link

Contacts & Department Location

Russian Language and Area Studies Department, Tomson Hall

To download and print, click on this link: Russian Language Information Sheet