Social Studies Education

Starting a major:

  • Students should focus on general education requirements (and a prospective teaching major, if also pursuing teaching licensure) during the first year.
  • Students should take EDUC 290: Educational Psychology during sophomore year.
  • Students need to meet with Robert McClure, Director of Social Studies Education Program, during their first year or fall semester of their sophomore year.
  • Students do not need to apply to the Education Department Program if only pursuing the major without any additional licensures.

Are there courses students MUST/SHOULD/CAN take their First Year?

  • Must:  There are no courses that must be taken during the first year.
  • Should: Students should take PSYCH 125: Principles of Psychology and one of the U.S History courses–HIST 198: America to 1865 or HIST 199: America after 1865.
  • Can: Students can take ECON 121: Principles of Economics AND/OR SOAN 128: Introduction to Cultural Anthropology.

Informational Events

  • Week One Information Session led by Robert McClure
  • April Information Session led by Robert McClure

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Contacts & Department Location

The Education Department Office is located in Tomson Hall 290

  • Social Studies Education Program Director– Robert McClure (507) 786-3245
  • Education Department AAA– Kim Foss (507) 786-3245

To download or print this sheet, click this link: Social Studies Education Information Sheet