Additional Academic Support Resources

In addition to coaching, below are some self-help resources to help improve students’ academic skills.  Faculty office hours are a great resource for students to use to ask questions and get extra help from their faculty.  We also offer workshops on campus through each semester to help foster students growth in academic skills.



Days/ Time: THURSDAYS –  11:30-12:00pm & 3:30-4:00pm Location: TOH 212


Sept 12th – How do I fit it all in? Managing Your Time

Sept 19th – Mapping Out Your Semester (Bring your syllabus from all classes)

Sept 26th – What did I just read?  College Reading Strategies 

Oct 3rd – Entering the Academic Conversation

**Oct 10th –  Sleep and Performance (Dr. Prichard) – TOH 280 at 1:00pm (Note the different time and location)

Oct 17th -Study Smarter…not Harder

Oct 24th – Registration Session

Oct 31st – Just Breathe – Ways to Reduce Stress and Increase Focus through Mindfulness

Nov 7th – Study Smarter…not Harder #2

Nov 14th – Test Taking Strategies

Nov 21st – Testing Anxiety – How to Manage It.  


Dec 5th – Finals already?  Finals planning session.

Dec 12th – Mindful Break 

Video Tutorials from Linked in Learning

As a member of St. Olaf community, you have unlimited access to Linked in Learning (formerly, an online library of high-quality instructional videos on the latest software tools and skills. With more than 2,500 courses taught by industry experts, Linked in Learning is designed for all levels of learners and is available whenever you’re ready to learn. You can even view courses on your iPhone, iPad, Android phone or tablet, or other mobile devices.

Great Website for Study Strategies of All Kinds

If you’re ever wondering how to study or take a new approach to your academics, you will find a wealth of suggestions here: Study Guides and Strategies, a public service for all learners and educators! Especially helpful are tips on working in study groups, and learning how to learn.

The Learning Scientists

This website was created by cognitive scientists who study the science of learning.  They offer six scientifically-based study techniques. There are videos, downloadable materials, and a podcast to aid in understanding. 

Places to Study at St. Olaf

Are you ever looking for someplace other than your residence hall to study? Check out this link.

Managing Stress

Some amount of stress is good…essential, even. However, too much stress requires some skill in learning to manage it.

Preparing for and Taking Essay Exams

Essay Exams: Love them or hate them? This guide will give you some tips to help you!