Accommodations for Non-St. Olaf Programs

Accommodations for Study Abroad:

If you plan to study abroad, meet with your Access Specialist to determine any accommodation needs specific to an International experience. There will be more things to consider including refilling medications, and accessibility issues we sometimes take for granted living on our campus. Please print and fill out the student portions of the Access Abroad Form. Together, you and your Access Specialist will fill out the remainder of the form prior to submitting it to the IOS Office.

Access Abroad Form: Applying for Accommodations

Disabilities and International Study Abroad

Accommodations for Grad School Exams:

Some of your accommodations may also be granted by the testing boards. Each testing board will have its own set of documentation requirements and reasonable accommodations. Sometimes, the application process can be quite lengthy. Be sure to plan ahead to give yourself plenty of time. Speak to your Access Specialist if the examining board requires St. Olaf to fill out any portion of the accommodations application.

GMAT: Applying for Accommodations

GRE: Applying for Accommodations

LSAT: Applying for Accommodations

MCAT: Applying for Accommodations