Notetaking Assistance as an Accommodation

Disability and Access maintains a suite of licenses for Sonocent Audio Notetaker. We can install this software onto your computer or mobile phone and teach you how to use it. The software frees you up from having to write anything during the lecture. All you need to do is listen to and record the lecture using Audio Notetaker, and simply tap a button corresponding to your pre-setup labels (such as, “Important!, Didn’t Understand, Homework-related”, etc.) When you are reviewing the lecture, you then only listen to the bits of the recording you choose, and the software allows you to summarize what you’ve listened and write notes at that time. You can also upload any corresponding Powerpoint slides or handouts, as well as add additional research as you study.

The Livescribe Smartpen is another option for students who are eligible for notetaking accommodations.  The pen records the class as the student takes notes in a special Livescribe notebook. Tapping on any of the your writing will play back to the corresponding part of the audio recording that took place while that portion was written. This frees up the student to write as much or as little as they choose. Anything the student writes serves as a “bookmark” or link to that part of the audio recording.

AudioNote is an application available for laptops which performs the same function as the Livescribe Pen, but instead of writing in a notebook with a special pen, the student types notes on their laptop using AudioNote. After the recording is stopped, the student can click on some typed text, and it will play back the recording from that point.

Lastly, for students with certain disability barriers, DAC staff can recruit and hire notetakers from within the same class section. Students who have notetakers are still encouraged to take their own notes as well. As with all other accommodations, this service is granted on an individual, case-by-case basis based on the student’s documentation and a thorough interview with an Access Specialist. The hired notetaker is instructed to scan and upload their notes to our server by 5:00pm the same day as class. The notetaker is not told for whom they are supplying notes. It is up to the student with the notetaking accommodation to download the notes from the server.