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Please encourage your students to visit the Speaking Space. Speaking Tutors help students prepare and deliver presentations, participate in or lead class discussions, and manage speaking anxiety.


We invite you to include the following message in your syllabi and Moodle (feel free to either cut/paste or revise it as you see fit):

Speaking Tutors help students effectively speak and listen within academic conversations, from participating in or leading class discussions to preparing and rehearsing formal presentations. You can sign up for an appointment online or drop in Sundays-Thursdays 7-8:30pm. During Fall 2020, all Speaking Space appointments will take place virtually on Google Meet. Learn more at https://wp.stolaf.edu/academic-support/speaking-center/.

Class Visits

Speaking Tutors are available to visit the first or last five minutes of your class to introduce themselves, explain what we do, and give students stickers. During Fall 2020, all class visits will be virtual via Google Meet, and stickers will not be distributed. While these class visits are scheduled for all ORC courses, any instructor is welcome to schedule a class visit by emailing Bridget (draxler@stolaf.edu).

Information on ORC at St. Olaf:

St. Olaf ORC Requirements 

ORC GE Proposal Submission Forms

Assessment Tools:

Simplified AAC&U Evaluation Form by Jo Beld

For additional resources or information on oral communication, please contact Bridget Draxler draxler@stolaf.edu.