Academic Speaking Support – Resources for Students

Visit the Speaking Space!

Intro to the Speaking Space (slide presentation on what to expect when you visit the Speaking Space)

Speaking Space check list and tip sheet” for Oral Presentations

Oral Presentation Resources:

Making Presentations That Stick” by Chip and Dan Heath

“Key Concepts in Preparing Effective Oral Presentations”

Hamline University Resources for Students and Faculty on Presentations

State Your Case! “Speaking Effectively” Resources

UNC – Writing Center: “Writing a Speech”

Toastmasters International (vocal production) – “Your Speaking Voice

Group Presentation Resources:

“Preparing a Group Presentation”

PowerPoint and Multimedia Information:

Presentation Design – Ben Gottfried, St. Olaf Multimedia Technological Specialist

State Your Case! “Presenting Slides or Posters” (resources on how to integrate PowerPoint or media into presentations)

Pecha Kucha – a new way to do PowerPoint

Discussion Resources:

Graff and Birkenstein “Entering Class Discussions”

Hamline University – Help on Discussions

Contributing Effectively to Group Discussions

Being an Effective Discussant

St. Olaf Professor Emeritus Ed Langerak’s essay: “Conversation on Conversation”

Classroom Discussion Assessment and Reflection

Job Interviewing Resources:

The Harry C. Piper Center for Vocation and Career at St. Olaf College Resources

“The Interview”

“Interview Questions”

“Interview Attire”

Schedule a practice interview at the Piper Center!

 Other Resources:

Managing Speech Anxiety


For additional resources or information on oral communication, visit the Speaking Center, check out Agnes Scott College’s Speaking Resources Page, or contact Bridget Draxler, at