The Speaking Space

Tutors at the Speaking Space help students to effectively speak and listen in order to engage meaningfully in academic conversations. Speaking tutors listen, ask questions, and provide guidance for speakers of all abilities in a variety of contexts, from presentations to discussions to interviews. The Speaking Space is committed to supporting speakers, not just improving speeches. Click here to meet our tutoring staff.

In a tutoring session, you may work collaboratively with a tutor to:

  • Brainstorm ideas or outline a speech
  • Rehearse a presentation
  • Polish your delivery skills
  • Plan to lead or participate in a class discussion
  • Practice your conversation skills
  • Create a video recording of a presentation

Hours: Wed 5-6 pm; Thurs 11am-12 pm & 7:30-8:30 pm

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Inclusivity Statement

The tutors at the St. Olaf Writing Desk and Speaking Space believe that all voices and dialects are important and valuable in the academic conversation, and we believe tutoring can promote social justice. We are committed to creating a space where students and tutors of all backgrounds一in terms of race, ethnicity, color, creed, nationality, gender, gender identity, gender expression, sexuality, age, religion, marital status, veteran status, socioeconomic status, ability, education, and linguistic background一can feel confident expressing themselves through writing and speaking. We expect students and tutors to model respect and cultural humility.