Early Decision


The Perfect Match

If you know St. Olaf is your #1 choice, you should apply Early Decision. We commit to a thorough review of your application and you agree — per the Early Decision Agreement — that if you are offered admission and an affordable financial aid package, you will commit to enroll and withdraw other applications.


  1. First you’ll need to decide if it’s right for you. (Scroll down for our top 5 reasons why Early Decision is a great choice.)
  2. Then, you’ll need to submit either the Common Application or the Coalition Application, which go live on August 1. You need to submit the same materials for Early Decision as required for Regular Decision.
  3. Additionally, we need the Early Decision Agreement to be submitted with signatures from you, a parent/guardian, your school counselor, and yourself. The Agreement states that you understand the binding nature of Early Decision, and — after reviewing financial aid and scholarship awards — you will commit to St. Olaf, withdrawing your applications at other colleges.

There are two Early Decision deadlines: Early Decision 1 is November 15 (with notification on or before December 15), and Early Decision 2 is January 8 (with notification on or before February 1). There’s no difference in preference for either Early Decision.


Top 5 reasons to apply Early Decision