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Almost everyone is involved in something, and more than a few Oles are involved in one thing too many. That’s normal when you put talented and motivated people together. There is always something going on, from Pause concerts, to community organizing, to intramural practice, to the deadline for your article for the Manitou Messenger.

Clubs and organizations

If you’ve spent years working at something you love — the violin, or football, or debate, or whatever drives you — you can continue doing that with people equally talented and equally driven. But if you want to strike out in new directions, try new things, or find a new niche, this is a great community in which to do that. Exploration and experimentation are exciting. You never know where they’ll lead.


Do you feel as if you’ve been waiting your entire life to join the St. Olaf Quidditch Association? Maybe you’re perfectly prepped to join one of our many a capella groups –or is joining the Society for Ancient History more up your alley? No matter how varied your interests are, St. Olaf has over 250 clubs that are ready for you to join.

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No need to choose between joining the Marine Biology Club, Scared Scriptless Improv, Hip Hop Club, and Oles Combating Poverty: because of each club’s unique meeting times, you can pursue all your old (and new!) interests with ease. Don’t see the club you’re looking for? Creating a new organization is only a few steps away–visit (our SGA site) for more details.

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Because every year, students organize and start new organizations