Starting a concentration

Most students do not begin the concentration until they have decided on majors that are compatible with the requirements. For many students, this happens in the sophomore year. Declaring early allows you a chance to pre-register for LNGST 250, our one and only core course that is required of all students.

Are there courses students MUST, SHOULD, or CAN take their First Year?

  • Must: English FYW, since it is the only prerequisite for LNGST 250, our one and only core course that all students must take.
  • Should: Any prerequisite for the 200 level electives you plan to use in the concentration.


Students planning to take courses in a foreign language that count towards the concentration (Spanish, Greek, Latin, etc.) should consult the placement requirements for those departments.

Informational Events

Departmental Information Session (Week One)


  • Director responsibilities vary from year to year across departments and programs (Asian Studies, Norwegian, Psychology, Spanish, etc.). Like language, we refuse to be confined to just one area!
  • Current Linguistic Studies Director: Ying Zhou (, x3684, Asian Studies Department