Statistics and Data Science

Starting a concentration

Most students begin with Stat 212: Statistics for the Sciences. Students with AP Statistics (4 or 5) should begin with MSCS 264: Intro to Data Science.

Are there courses students MUST, SHOULD, or CAN take their First Year?

  • Must:  No.  Many first year students do not take any statistics courses in their first year.  Beginning with statistics in the sophomore year fits well with many schedules.
  • Can: Some students can take Stat 212 or MSCS 264 in their first year.  Often there is not space in courses to meet first year student demand.  Taking your first Stats/MSCS course your sophomore year allows plenty of time to complete the Statistics and Data Science concentration.

Credit for previous coursework

  • AP scores of 4 or 5 may be sufficient preparation for Stat 272.  Since many students have not had exposure to statistical software (R) we encourage beginning MSCS 264: Intro to Data Science before Stat 272.
  • Credit for transfer courses or other programs are done in consultation with the Registrar, the Statistics Program Director and MSCS Chair.

Informational Events

  • MSCS Dept. has informational “To Be or Not to Be” event in mid-October.
  • Week One Information Sessions