Starting the major

Entry into the major is flexible. While many History majors begin taking courses during their first year, the structure of the major allows students to begin during their sophomore year.

Are there courses students MUST, Should, or CAN take their First Year?

  • There are no required courses for first-year students.
  • Students are strongly encouraged to take at least one First-Year Seminar (HIST 101-189), which are exclusively for first-year students and feature a wide range of topics. Up to two FY Seminars may be counted toward the History major.
  • In addition to FY Seminars, students may enroll in one or more Foundational Courses (HIST 190/191; HIST 193; HIST 194/195; HIST 198/199), depending upon availability.
  • Some Level-2 History courses may be appropriate for first-year students, particularly during Interim or Semester II. Please consult your advisor, the professor teaching the course, and/or the department chair before enrolling.

Credit/placement for previous coursework

  • Students may apply one credit toward the major and fulfill one regional distribution requirement if they get a score of 5 on the AP World, U.S., or European history exams.
  • Completion of American Conversations (all four courses) counts as the equivalent of two History courses, and fulfills the regional distribution requirement for U.S. history.
  • Completion of the Great Conversation (all five courses) counts as the equivalent of one History elective.

Informational Events

  • Departmental Information Session (Week One)
  • Annual Majors Meeting (Typically the third Monday of Semester I. Check with department chair or AAA for this year’s schedule).