Individual Major (Center for Integrative Studies)

Starting a major

  • Discuss your academic interests with your College Advisor
  • Use the green “Tell Us Here” button on the CIS home page to fill out a Google Form and explain your interest in an individual major.
  • Email or visit the CIS Office in Tomson 283 for a preliminary conversation about individual majors and the proposal process, and about your ideas for a course of study.

Are there courses students MUST/SHOULD/CAN take their First Year?

  • Must:  There are no required courses for an individual major. Each proposal sets out a course of study for that major, subject to approval.
  • Should: Try to include at least one course in one or more academic areas that you might include in “your” individual major. Definitely use your GE requirements to explore disciplinary areas that would support the major. Sometimes these are important prerequisites for later courses.

Credit for previous coursework

Proposals for individual majors may include courses already taken. In fact, a proposal is stronger when you can show that you have some experience in the academic areas that you plan to include.