Starting a major

Students begin with REL 121 or Great Con their first year. Though rare, sometimes first-year students who have completed REL 121 in the fall take a 200 level course in the spring semester.

Is there a necessary sequence of courses one must take within the major?

There is no necessary sequence of courses within the Religion major! Indeed, there are no courses that one must take as a religion major in one’s second year.  However, it makes good sense to take one’s BTS-T GE requirement and a variety of other 200 level courses including REL 285, “What is Religion?” during one’s second and/or third year.  Ideally, by the time majors are entering the spring semester of their third year and fourth year, they will be finishing up their EIN and taking 300 level courses and seminars.  (For more information on pathways through the major, see the department website.)

Credit for previous coursework

It is rare for incoming students to receive credit for previous coursework. If you think that you might deserve credit for previous coursework in Religion, please contact the Registrar or the department chair of Religion.

Informational Events

  • The Religion Department has an informational event during Week One.
  • To be put on a mailing list for events (both social and academic) that happen throughout the year, send an email to the Religion Department Administrative Assistant, Jennifer Schultz.