Social Studies Education

Starting a major

  • Students should focus on general education requirements (and a prospective teaching major, if also pursuing teaching licensure) during the first year.
  • Students should take EDUC 290: Educational Psychology during sophomore year.
  • Students need to meet with Robert McClure, Director of Social Studies Education Program, during their first year or fall semester of their sophomore year.
  • Students do not need to apply to the Education Department Program if only pursuing the major without any additional licensures.

Are there courses students must, should, or can take their first year?

  • Must:  There are no courses that must be takeing the first year.
  • Should: Students should take PSYCH 125: Principles of Psychology and one of the U.S History courses–HIST 198: America to 1865 or HIST 199: America after 1865.
  • Can: Students can take ECON 121: Principles of Economics AND/OR SOAN 128: Introduction to Cultural Anthropology.

Informational Events

  • Week One Information Session led by Robert McClure
  • April Information Session led by Robert McClure