Social Work

Starting a major

  • Students need to complete five courses by fall of the junior year (we have some flexibility-please see social work faculty member with questions). The prerequisite courses include:
    • Psychology 125 Principles of Psychology
    • Psychology 241 Developmental Psychology
    • Sociology 121 Intro to Sociology
    • Biology 123 Human Biology
    • Social Work 221 Social Work and Social Welfare
  • With the exception of SW 221 Social Work and Social Welfare, social work major coursework begins in the fall of junior year.

Are there courses students MUST, SHOULD, or Can take their First Year?

Should:  No courses are “must take courses” for the first year, but students are encouraged to get started on their prerequisites.  Students cannot take any of the required social work courses in the first year.

Credit for previous coursework

  • Students may use AP credit for the prerequisite courses, but should consult with a social work faculty member about using an AP credit for Human Biology as it may have implications for future graduate school admissions.
  • No credit for previous coursework is given for the required social work courses for the major.

Informational Events

Week One Information Sessions