How to Apply

Admissions: How do I get into the American Conversations program?

Once you have been admitted to St. Olaf, you can apply to the American Conversations program though the Admitted Student Site. If you decide you’d like to join the American Conversations program, go to this site and answer some questions about yourself, your academic interests, and your interest in the program. We will fill the 38 available slots based mainly on how closely your interests fit with the spirit and goals of the program. You will be notified by mail whether you have been admitted, usually within a few weeks of applying. Though we will accept applications into the summer months prior to your coming to St. Olaf, we urge you to apply earlier rather than later in order to insure a place in the program. All students admitted to the program will be assigned to the “AmCon” first-year dorm for that year. The shared living arrangement allows the conversations to continue outside the classroom and helps create friendships among AmConners. (If, for some reason, you wish to be in AmCon but be housed in a different dorm, you may request that option).

Because American Conversations, the Great Conversation and Environmental Conversations are all first-year  programs, you may not be in both AmCon and either Great Con or EnCon. However, you are free to combine AmCon with one of our other two sophomore-only Conversations programs, Asian Conversations and the Science Conversation.