Chapter 10 Interesting Visitors

We had visits also from Roald Amundsen [1908 and 1912] and Fritjof Nansen [1923 and 1928] which were very in­teresting. In order to help entertain distinguished visitors that came here, the women, Prof’s wives and women of the faculty, organized the Woman’s League, during Kildahl’s presidency.

I remember one amusing incident when we were to entertain Roald Amundsen on his second visit. A reception line was formed—we were all to shake hands with the distinguished visitor, and in those days we were expected to wear white kid gloves.

I was fortunate in still having my long wedding gloves and could with dignity pass the line! When I came into the side parlor Evelyn, who at the time was in the Music Department here, said, “Mother, the ladies are wearing white gloves; may I take yours?” She went through the line and came back into the side room, where Adelaid Hjertaas was standing worried, and who said, “Evelyn, everyone is wearing white gloves; may I take yours?” Roald Amundsen was very keen, yet I doubt he knew he had shaken the same pair of gloves three times that day.
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