The Speaking Space

Tutors at the Speaking Space help students to argue clearly and coherently in speech, to organize and develop thoughtful presentations of their work, to listen and respond to each other in discussion, and to develop the speaking skills that enable them to effectively engage in academic conversations. Speaking sessions may include brainstorming ideas, outlining a speech, rehearsing a presentation, planning a class discussion, or polishing delivery skills. Speaking tutors provide feedback and guidance, and students usually receive a podcast of their work for them to review on their own. We don’t just want you to have a stronger speech; we want you to be a stronger speaker.

Tutoring is available by drop-in or appointment. Appointments are available bi-weekly, weekly, or as needed. Click here to meet our tutoring staff! 

Tutors will…

  • Discuss ways to make presentations more effective (content and performance)
  • Help students to apply critical thinking skills to presentations and discussions.
  • Provide a venue for speech rehearsals with constructive feedback.
  • Help students manage speaking anxiety.
  • Give students tools to develop their own effective presentations and discussions.
  • Provide students with podcasts of their oral communication work.
  • Offer discussion help for multilingual students.

Tutors won’t…

  • Write or organize an oral presentation (group or individual)
  • Proofread or correct student work.
  • Provide grades or discuss potential grades.
  • Take responsibility for students’ oral communication work.


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