Asian Studies, Chinese, Japanese – Distinction

Distinction is a formal academic honor that the Department of Asian Studies may vote to bestow upon seniors majoring in Asian Studies, Chinese or Japanese who have demonstrated high academic achievement and an ability to produce independently a work of the highest standard.  The Department of Asian Studies invites senior majors who seek a significant and satisfying experience as a capstone of their work in Asian Studies to apply for Distinction.



A candidate for distinction must have an overall grade point average of 3.6 and a 3.75 grade point average in Asian Studies, Chinese or Japanese courses per their major. The grade point average will be initially calculated based on work through the student’s junior year. Asian Studies, Chinese or Japanese courses include language and non-language courses taught by the Department of Asian Studies and courses related to Asia, China and Japan taught in other departments. Students eligible to apply for distinction will be notified by the chair of the Department of Asian Studies in the fall of their senior year. Candidacy for distinction will be allowed only if the above mentioned minimum grade averages are maintained through fall semester of the senior year.