Hallway Displays

Available to recognized student organizations and class projects.

These spaces are highly desirable and heavily trafficked.  With this high visibility comes responsibility for the sponsoring organization.  Displays can be informative, educative and provocative, bearing in mind that the audiences for the items are students, staff, faculty, prospective students, guests, alumni, and community members.

Hallways are designated Library (BC/RML) or Chapel (BC/BMC):

  • Library (BC/RML) refers to the connecting hallway between Buntrock Commons and Rolvaag Memorial Library.
  • Chapel (BC/BMC) refers to the southern connecting hallway between Buntrock Commons and Boe Memorial Chapel.

Organizations can request one side of either hallway. It will be designated by north or south. (South is closest to the Quad, looking out to the center of the campus)

The sponsoring organization needs to reserve the space via 25Live, filtering by “Buntrock Display & Tabling Spaces” on the right menu and selecting the correct hallway for time and day of interest.

  • Each org is allowed to reserve one side of designated hallway for one week.
  • Display must include one 8×11 page clearly identifying the name of the sponsoring Org with a contact person and active email address or alias.
  • Blue tape must be used to adhere anything to walls or windows.
  • ‘Stringers’ across the hallway ceilings must be at least 7 feet above the ground.
  • No large blank sheets of paper or comment boxes, available for open comments or anonymous suggestions, are permitted.
  • No storage in Buntrock is available for items.
  • The display must be removed in a timely manner. Groups who do not clean up at the end of their reserved time will be referred to the Dean of Students Office.
  • The Scheduling Office can determine appropriateness of groups sharing a hallway.  If there are concerns between groups, every effort will be made to change dates.

Questions? Email stuckman@stolaf.edu.