Catering and Food Service

All catering in the Buntrock Commons is to be provided by Bon Appetit. Custom menu design is Bon Appetit’s specialty, and they are happy to create original menus for any occasion. Please contact Bon Appetit at 507-786-3050 as soon as you know of your catering needs.

If Bon Appetit is unable to accommodate a food request, they may grant the use of an outside licensed food vendor.  Bon Appetit may also grant access to use kitchen space to prepare food, however this request will only be granted if day, time and staff supervision is available.

  • Using Bon App Catering
    • Please place any catering orders at least two weeks before your event.
      • Pack-outs cannot be ordered for events in Buntrock
      • Health code regulations, and good practice, do not permit unconsumed food at an event to be removed.  Bon Appetit is a valued partner in our community and they bear the responsibility of ensuring that food served on campus is properly stored and handled and that all food containers, dishes, glassware, etc. remain in their inventory.  We want all members of our community to be aware of this important practice.
    • Depending on what you have ordered, they will deliver it or you will pick it up—make sure you discuss this with them in advance!
    • If Catering will be delivering your food, they will also set up the serving area (including tables) and clean up after.
      • You will not need to request serving tables if Catering is providing the food and delivering it.
      • You will need to request tables for guests to eat at.
  • Using Outside Catering
    • Remember, the policy is that all food served for events in Buntrock must come from either Bon App or the Pause.
    • All food needs must be discussed with Bon App Catering ( at least two weeks before your event
      • You must discuss with them before placing any outside catering orders to first see if they can provide the food you need.
      • Catering must approve of any requests to use outside catering.
      • Please fill out this Non-Bon App Food at Events Request form to get approval. (If for a fundraiser, please complete the Fundraising Request form instead.)