Non-paper PR

Tightrope Displays

There are 3 Tightrope Displays in Buntrock, as well as others around campus. They feature a combination of calendars and event bulletins for campus events.

Sidewalk Chalking

Any sidewalk chalking around the Commons must be in open areas and NOT under the entrance overhangs.

Hallway Displays

Recognized student organizations can reserve either the south hallway connecting the chapel and Buntrock, or the connecting hallway between the Library and Buntrock, to do a display for a one week period. These displays should be related to the activities/issues of that student organization. The public nature of these two hallways should be considered when planning display content. There should be a sign as part of the display which indicates the sponsoring organization. Only blue painters tape should be used to affix anything to the windows or walls. There should also not be any items that stick out that may block traffic. Large, plain pieces of paper soliciting written response are prohibited.

P.O. Box Stuffing Policy

Stuffing with small pieces of paper is not allowed! Due to the double occupancy and limited space of the P.O. boxes, there are restrictions for stuffing.

These regulations are monitored by the SGA Public Relations team, the Office of Student Activities and the Buntrock staff and are subject to change.