Room Scheduling

Reserving General Meeting/Gathering Space

All campus room reservations outside the Lion’s Pause must come through R25 webviewer.


To reserve the Lion’s Pause Mane Stage, use this reservation form.

How to utilize R25→

Contact Nancy Stuckmayer in the Scheduling Office with any questions you may have.

When making a reservation please provide as much information regarding room set-up details, and all audio visual needs. Last minute requests for AV may not be able to be accommodated. For people/groups off-campus who wish to utilize space within the Commons, please contact Guest Conferences Director at 507-786-3043.

Check the availability of most meeting rooms on campus by checking the R25 Room scheduling program. Be sure to click the “Go to Today” before checking a location. As there is only one Buntrock staffer who is permitted to enter items into the R25 program, there may be a case where a room appears to be “open” but is actually booked for a group but has not yet been entered into the program.

  • Space is reserved on a first come, first served basis. Every effort is made to match all first priorities.
  • Reservations must come from a recognized student organization or campus department.
  • Student Organizations are limited to one weekly room reservation in the Commons, between Monday and Thursday.
  • Rooms in the Commons cannot be reserved for regularly scheduled classroom use.
  • Please confirm all room reservations before finalizing event dates and details.
  • Requests more than one year in advance cannot be accepted.
  • Exceptions to the above guidelines include major college events involving special speakers or publicized notice, e.g., Admissions open houses, banquets, Christmas Festival, Commencement/Reunion Weekend, Board of Regents.
  • Once details are final, add event to the Campus Master Calendar, if appropriate.

Informal student groups such as hall corridors, music ensemble sections, or similar groups will not be permitted official room reservations on the R25 for social gatherings. Students looking for dining socializing time are encouraged to utilize the cafeteria seating areas.

Room Fees

  • No fees are charged for St. Olaf groups or emeriti unless special set-up or clean-up services are required.
  • St. Olaf groups reserving space for non-St. Olaf use will be charged user fees unless a declaration of sponsorship form is completed. Please contact the Conference Office for details.
  • Non-Olaf groups/programs work through the Conference Office for reservation and payment.
  • There may be additional charges for Media and Audio Visual.