Advance High-Impact Learning

Enrich and expand high-impact learning opportunities to every St. Olaf student

$68.5 Million

  • The Conversations – $24 million to endow professorships, staffing and programming across all six Conversations
  • Mentored Undergraduate Research – $18 million to establish a coordinated center for mentored undergraduate research and inquiry, and endow undergraduate research opportunities and practicums
  • International and Off-campus Study – $16.5 million to lower the cost of participation, endow staffing, and bolster curricular innovation
  • Internships – $7 million to endow internship experiences to ensure at least 70% of students participate in funded experiences prior to graduation
  • Academic Innovation – $3 million to identify and pursue new approaches to high-impact learning

High-impact learning happens when students are actively engaged in their education. Programs such as off-campus study, faculty-mentored research, internships, and St. Olaf’s signature Conversations have been shown to enhance critical thinking and career preparedness, and push students to learn more and to retain the knowledge longer. For the Hill and Beyond will enable St. Olaf to increase the scope and depth of high-impact experiences we provide students both on and off campus.

Undergraduate students should experience at least two high-impact practices prior to graduation; 94 percent of Ole seniors report they do, outpacing our Carnegie Class peers.

— 2015 National Survey of Student Engagement High-Impact Practices Report