Enhance Affordability

Preserve the affordability of a St. Olaf degree, and ensure all students are able to take advantage of opportunities to discover and pursue their purpose

$65 Million

  • Financial Aid – $50 million to raise endowed funds to add $1.25 million annually in scholarships and remove unsubsidized loans from first-year financial aid packages.
  • Opportunity Funds – $15 million to establish endowed funds to provide need-based grants and other opportunity awards to ensure equitable access for all students regardless of income to high-impact learning opportunities.

To remain competitive among the nation’s leading liberal arts colleges and flagship public universities, St. Olaf must continue to offer a compelling value proposition. This value depends not only upon the excellence and enduring outcomes of a St. Olaf degree, but also upon its affordability.

By keeping college affordable and debt manageable, St. Olaf can help all students realize their aspirations and goals more readily, from the moment they consider the college as a prospective student.

While the average accumulated debt for St. Olaf graduates is well below the national average, all students benefit when the debt they assume is lower.