Sustain Our Mission

Build participation and impact of the St. Olaf Fund, a critical and flexible funding source necessary to uphold St. Olaf’s enduring mission

$35 Million

  • Increase funds raised through the St. Olaf Fund by 28 percent, or by 5 percent each year
  • Encourage alumni participation in the St. Olaf Fund so at least 25 percent of active alumni support the college annually

The St. Olaf Fund provides crucial support for existing programs and operations that are vital to the college’s mission. Year-after-year gifts to the St. Olaf Fund underwrite important enhancements to academic programs, facilities, and campus activities which provide the margin of excellence that sets St. Olaf apart from its top-ranked peers.

Pooled together these contributions can help bridge the gap between tuition and fees and the actual cost of educating students. By building participation in supporting this vital resource, St. Olaf can secure its future and respond to immediate needs, without compromising the affordability of a St. Olaf degree.

Every gift matters.

As of November 30, 2016

Most gifts (70%) to the St. Olaf Fund are less than $250, yet combined they make a tremendous difference for St. Olaf students.