Community-Based Work Study

St. Olaf College, in conjunction with nonprofit community service organizations and the Northfield School District, offers students the opportunity to earn work-study awards off-campus performing jobs in the community interest.

This program is designed to create partnerships between St. Olaf and community organizations with our students serving as the bridge between the organization and the campus. This establishes an important component of engagement between students, the community, and St. Olaf.

Community Based Work Study is a state, and federally, funded program that supports part-time employment for eligible students. To be eligible, a student must have a federal or state work study award as part of their financial aid package.

Community-Based Work Study is offered in two forms:
* Northfield Reads and Counts Program 
* Community Service Program

Both of these opportunities are off-campus jobs.

Transportation information can be found at:

Student Activities website