As a declared Chemistry Major you must complete 12 seminars prior to your graduation. These seminars show you the breadth of the chemical related enterprise, highlight research and inquiry occurring at universities, private and public companies, government laboratories, research stations and more, and provide opportunities for your peers to communicate their work to you.

The deadline for Spring 2022 submission of webinar attendance forms will be May 18.  There will be seminar cards at each seminar for you to complete. Please turn these in at the end of the seminar; to aid in record keeping we suggest taking photos of your seminar cards before turning them in, in case of conflicting data.

Errors and questions?  Visit the Chem Dept Office at RNS 336 or email Stacey at

This is non negotiable.  If you do not complete your seminar/webinar count, you will not graduate.  More information can be obtained on the Chemistry Major Moodle page:

Below is a list of upcoming seminars.  This list may be updated as the year progresses.

Date Speaker Institution/Organization Speaker Topic/Specialty Speaker URL
9/17/21 Faculty Poster St. Olaf
9/24/21 (virtual) Rodrigo Noriega University of Utah Physical/Material Chemistry-Ultrafast laser spectroscopy
10/1/21 Leah Witus Macalester Chemical Biology-Peptide Catalysts
10/7/21 Brian Raymer (alumni) Arkemes Medicinal Chemistry
11/5/21 Bridget Ulrich UMN-Duluth Environmental/Aqueous Geochemist
12/10/21 Will Pomerantz UMN-Twin Cities Chemical Biology/Biophysics
2/18/22 Meredith Jackrel Washington University-St. Louis Biochemistry
2/25/22 Brandy Russell Gustavus Adolphus Bioinorganic/NMR
3/3/22 Andy Ault University of Michigan Analytical/Physical/Environmental
3/17/22 Courtney Roberts UMN-Twin Cities Inorganic/Organometallic
3/24/22 Sonja Mackey (alumni) 3M Materials
4/14/22 Leah Witus Macalester Chemical Biology-Peptide Catalyst
4/20/22 ACDC Webinar
4/21/22 Liz Kaytor (alumni) Fish & Richardson P.C.
Senior Patent Agent
4/29/22 Zachary Sparrow Cornell University Theoretical Chemistry
5/2-5/5/22 Distinction Seminars