First Day

Online Resources for the First Days of Class
  1. “The First Day of Class”    – Center for Teaching and Learning, University of Washington.
  2. “Some Specific Approaches for the First Day of Class”    – Peter Frederick, Wabash College.
  3. “101 Things You Can Do in the First Three Weeks of Class”    – Office of Graduate Studies, University of Nebraska-Lincoln.
  4. “Getting Started”    – Richard Felder and Rebecca Brent, North Carolina State University.
  5. “The First Day and Week of Class: Instructional Strategies”    – Joe Cuseo, Marymount College.
  6. “Make the Most of the First Day of Class”    – Eberly Center, Carnegie Mellon University
  7. “First Day of Class Activities that Create a Climate for Learning”    – MaryEllen Weimer onThe Teaching Professor Blog
  8. “First Day of Class”    – Center for Teaching, Vanderbilt University


Other Resources in the CILA Resource Library:

“The First Days of Class” in Barbara Gross Davis, Tools for Teaching (pp. 37-47). Jossey-Bass, 2nd edition, 2009.

“Meeting a Class for the First Time” in Svinicki and McKeachie, McKeachie’s Teaching Tips: Strategy, Research and Theory for College and University Teachers (pp. 19-25). Wadsworth, 14th edition, 2011.

Angela Provitera McGlynn, Successful Beginnings for College Teaching: Engaging Your Students from the First Day. Atwood Publishing, 2001.

“First Days of Class” in James M. Lang, On Course: A Week-by-Week Guide to Your First Semester of College Teaching, Harvard University Press, 2008.