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  • Sound Design and Technology
  • Public Health
  • Electronic Artistic Design
  • Cinematic Studies and Film Production
  • Marketing and Communication in New Media
  • Design of Social Spaces: Pre-Architecture & Design
  • Neuroscience: Circuits and Behavior
  • Management and Marketing in the Arts
  • Digital Art and Animation
  • Health and Wellness in the Developing World
  • African Cultures and Colonialism
  • Performance Technology and Design
  • Public Health Policy and Management
  • Arts, Activism, and Social Change
  • Environmental Communication
  • Emergent Properties
  • Sustainable Communities


  • Intellectual History of Western Political Theory and Social Ethics
  • Growing Up in America: A Study of American Identities
  • Human Resource Psychology
  • Architecture and Scenic Design
  • Science in Society: Bioethics
  • Photographic Theory: Meditation of Natural Beauty
  • Philosophy of Religion
  • Early Education in Contemporary America
  • Anthropology of Education
  • Engaging Youth: Education, Community, and Service
  • Organizational Communications
  • Intellectual History of Ethics
  • Philosophy and Psychology of Ethics
  • Organizational Management and Strategy
  • Biomedical Anthropology


  • Multimedia and Software Design
  • Criminalistics
  • Multilingualism and Multiculturalism
  • Language and Language Learning
  • International Relations and Ethics
  • Business and the Changing American Family
  • Cross-Cultural Communication
  • Music and Theatre Production
  • Social Marketing and the Environment
  • Social Innovation and Community Development
  • Environmental Aesthetics
  • International Studies
  • Social Justice and Cultural Transformation
  • International Development: Environmental Sustainability in a Global Economy
  • Business Management and Innovation
  • International Relations and Global Development
  • Religion and the Visual Arts
  • Marketing, Communication, and Branding
  • Media and Cultural Deviance
  • Public Relations in the Public Sector
  • Studies in Business Management & Communication


  • Neuroscience
  • Writing for Performance
  • Writing for Theatre and Film
  • Studies of Conscience
  • Neuroscience
  • Entertainment Management
  • Political Communication
  • Ecology of Wellness
  • Commercialization of Media
  • Marketing and Advertising in Media


  • Writing and Directing Intentional Film
  • Interior Architecture and Design
  • God and the Infinite
  • Evolution of Law: Political Theory, Modern Applications, and Morality
  • Earth, Faith, and Community
  • Globalization and Finance (Globalization of Money)
  • The Psychology of Social Change
  • Film: Conception to Production
  • Archaeology: Methodology and History
  • Film Genres
  • Intercultural Medical Practice
  • Worship and Community
  • Film Studies: Writing and Production
  • Social Ecology
  • Contemporary Aesthetics in Media and Arts


  • Native American Studies
  • Sports Journalism
  • Ecologically Sustainable Communities
  • Children and the Arts in Society
  • Film Studies: History and Criticism
  • Women’s Health and Wellness Studies
  • Advertising and Society
  • Studies in Business Leadership
  • Film Theory and the Study of Visual Narrative
  • Chinese Language


  • International Public Health and Sustainable Development
  • Writing for Performance
  • Social Justice Studies
  • Directing for Stage and Screen


  • Biological and Psychological Perspectives on Health and Illness
  • The Politics and Practices of U.S. Agriculture
  • Cinema and Social Thought
  • Sustainable International Development
  • Arts for Social Change
  • Sequential Art: Graphic and Literary Narrative
  • Franco-German Studies
  • Creative Writing for Text and Screen: A comparative study
  • Comparative Ethics
  • Foundations of Global Healthcare
  • Global Inequalities and Health


  • Western European Architecture and Design
  • Journalistic Ethics
  • Development Studies: Economic development from an interdisciplinary perspective
  • Human Rights and Environmental Justice
  • Health Psychology: The mind and body implications of health
  • Psychology of Religious Pluralism
  • Epidemiology and Biostatistics
  • The Three Faces of Lyric Theatre
  • Public Health: Policy and Reform
  • Creative Writing and Philosophy
  • Renaissance Studies
  • Legacies of Empire: Unity and division in postcolonial societies
  • Media and Visual Communication


  • Interpretive Studies in Sustainable Development
  • American Values: Religion and society in the U.S.
  • The Biological and Psychological Interface of Health and Illness
  • Dynamics of Colonialism
  • Environmental Discourse Analysis
  • Peace and Peacemaking
  • The Communication of Faith: A study in apologetics, performance, and ministry
  • Nature Theology
  • Education, Writing & Film
  • Business Practices & Ethics in Bicultural Communities
  • American Media Ecology: A Values-Based Exploration of American Mass Media and Contemporary Culture
  • Gender and Media in Contemporary Sport
  • Compassionate Medical Care
  • Sports Writing: The spectacle of sports in American culture
  • Communication Studies: Voice & Media Analysis


  • A Paradigm for American Liberation
  • Social Policy
  • “Wild and Precious Life”: Educating for an Ethic of Sustainability
  • Film Studies: Writing and Production
  • Bilingualism: Language and Culture
  • Rock and Roll: The Cultural Contexts of Popular Music
  • Narrative Understanding of Religious Identity
  • Computer Science
  • Anatomy and Physiology of the Human Body and Associated Health Sciences
  • Religion, Gender & Environment: a study of attitudes
  • Integrative Media Studies
  • American Pursuits in a Postmodern Society, with an Emphasis on Mass Media
  • Understanding Illness: Psychological perspectives on health, illness, and medicine
  • Conceptualizing Cultural Differences


  • Mathematical Foundations of Art
  • Oppression and Liberation Studies
  • Models of the Environment
  • Oppression, Resistance and Social Justice
  • Children’s Studies
  • Film Studies: Writing and Production
  • International Commerce & Communication: Africa and the U.S.
  • Photojournalism: Images and the Media
  • Geology
  • Humanistic Medicine: Social and Psychological Foundations of Doctor/Patient Communication
  • Applying Ethics & Community Organizing
  • “Free Your Mind”: the Mass Media Major
  • Film Studies
  • Media, Culture, and Women’s Identity
  • Sports Writing: The Social Significance of Games
  • Business and The Good Life: An American Ideal
  • Communication and the World of Sports


  • Film Analysis
  • Human Rights and Arts Activism
  • Conflict and Resolution
  • Human Performance and Wellness
  • Social Services in Theory and Practice
  • Cultural and Political Interaction: Africa and the Western World
  • The Emerging Creative Self: Personal Growth in a Relative World
  • Photojournalism: Media, Imagery and Perception
  • Contemporary Peace Issues in the Middle East
  • Perceiving the Natural World Through the Arts
  • Linguistics Studies: Language and Meaning
  • Movement as a Therapeutic Process
  • Ethics in Practice: Profits and values in a global context


  • International Relations
  • Youth Ministry
  • Film Studies

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