Ancient & Medieval Studies Steering Committee

Hilary J. Bouxsein
Visiting Assistant Professor of Classics
Greek poetry; classical languages and literature

Christopher M. Brunelle
Assistant Professor of Classics
Latin poetry; classical languages and literature

Karen Cherewatuk
Professor of English
Old English; middle English; Arthurian literature; Caribbean literature; medieval European tradition

Anne H. Groton, Director
Professor of Classics
Greek and Roman drama; classical languages and literature

Timothy R. Howe
Professor of History
ancient Greece and Rome; the Middle East; Alexander the Great; ancient archeology

Karen E.S. Marsalek
Associate Professor of English
medieval and early modern literature, especially drama; history of the English language

Kevin Mummey
Visiting Assistant Professor of History
medieval Europe; Spain

Danny Munoz-Hutchinson
Associate Professor of Philosophy
ancient philosophy; philosophy in late antiquity; philosophy of mind; Zen Buddhism

Margaret S. Odell
Professor of Religion
Old Testament

Steve T. Reece
Professor of Classics
Greek and Roman epic; classical languages and literature

Jason J. Ripley
Associate Professor of Religion
Biblical theology; Gospel of John; imperial; gender; postcolonial interpretation

Nancy M. Thompson
Professor of Art and Art History
medieval art in Europe; medieval and early modern art in Italy; women’s and gender studies

Charles A. Wilson
Professor of Religion