Club Sports/Athletic Orgs Mission

The Club Sports/Athletic Orgs program at St. Olaf College is designed to provide opportunities for students to participate in a variety of sports and recreational activities that are not a part of the program of NCAA intercollegiate sports administered by the St. Olaf Athletics Department.

A Club Sport/Athletic Org is student initiated and organized by members of the St. Olaf community who share an interest in a specific sports activity. The emphasis of the club/org can be recreational, instructional or competitive. Each club/org structure is created by students who work closely with the Director of Intramurals and Club Sports/Athletic Orgs. Student members take on leadership and decision making roles for basic activities. Students are responsible for each club’s activities, organization, and recruiting. The Director of Intramurals and Club Sports/Athletic Orgs administers the program overseeing recognition, budget, scheduling, discipline, fundraising, etc.

Club/Athletic Org officers are responsible for seeing to it that practices and contests are conducted in a manner that assures the safety of participants. Grounds and courts should be inspected to assure that there are no hazards to participants. It is the club’s responsibility to see to it that any protective equipment is in proper condition. The club/org officers must assure that participants are prepared to play, accounting for injury and illness as well as appropriate conditioning and training. Outdoors, club/org officers must pay attention to weather conditions and how they affect the field of play, including potential dangers of lightning and or severe weather. If any person or condition puts members of your club/org at unnecessary risk of injury, the practice or contest should be terminated until the conditions are eliminated.

Coaches of Club Sports/Athletic Orgs are responsible for making sure that the teams abide by the St. Olaf College Code of Student Conduct both on and off the court/field. Coaches are also required to be enthusiastic about the team and its purpose while encouraging sportsmanship. Coaches should help mentor the student leadership of the team in financial, scheduling, and travel decisions without controlling every aspect of the team themselves.

At all practices and games club/org officers are encouraged to have insurance information on hand for all participants. This could expedite the providing of emergency care as quickly as possible if needed.