Participation Rules

Club Sports/Athletic Orgs Participation Rules

  1. Eligibility Form: Before you join the St. Olaf Club Sports/Athletic Orgs program, which means before you participate in any practice or competition, you MUST complete a current year Participation Agreement which can be found online.
  2. Clubs/Orgs MUST submit a roster to the Director of Intramurals and Club Sports/Athletic Orgs prior to the start of each season.
  3. Club/Org leadership will ensure appropriate safety measures are taken during travel, practice and competition. Members must pass swimming requirements in water sports and guarantee that all equipment meets basic safety requirements.
  4. NO alcohol, tobacco or drugs are allowed at any St. Olaf Club Sports/Athletic Orgs sponsored event.
  5. All teams must abide by the St. Olaf College Code of Student Conduct which includes the St. Olaf College Hazing Policy.
  6. Travel should be in a College vehicle and a travel roster must be filed with the Director.
  7. Schedule of competitions and practices, along with travel plans, should be on file with the Director of Intramurals and Sport Clubs including dates, times, locations, opponents etc.
  8. Teams are not allowed to use the official Athletics logos and word marks. All Club Sports must include the word “club” on their uniforms, in print, and on the web.
  9. A club/org will have at least two (2) recognized officers, nominally a president or treasurer (or captains). Student leaders are expected to communicate with members and the Director. They are responsible for the club’s adherence to all rules, regulations, policies and procedures.
  10. Participants are reminded that they are sponsored by St. Olaf College and as such they represent the College and the Athletic Department, as well as their clubs/orgs. It is expected that they will do so in a positive and sporting manner.
  11. Failure of clubs/orgs or individuals to adhere to Club Sport/Athletic Orgs policies will results in disciplinary action determined by the Director of Intramurals and Club Sports/Athletic Orgs, the Director of Recreation, the Athletic Director and anyone else involved with the situation. Individuals and clubs/orgs can be put on probation or have privileges suspended. Clubs/Orgs with serious or repeat violations may lose sponsorship.