Diversity Awareness House

The 2018-2019 Diversity Awareness House Selection Process is currently closed! For more information regarding next year’s selection process please contact Hudlin Wagner, Interim CMIE Director (BC111)

The Diversity Awareness House (currently Johnson House) located on the Honor Houses block of St. Olaf Avenue is a special interest honor house where a group of 5 students residents develop programming that enhance community efforts to increase and enrich cultural awareness.

Diversity Awareness House Objectives:

Objective 1:  To enhance community efforts to welcome incoming students of diverse heritage and backgrounds in order to promote and foster unity for students of diverse heritage and backgrounds.

Objective 2: To increase diversity awareness in the St. Olaf community through regular house and campus-wide events.

Objective 3: To develop leadership and communication skills of the DA House residents by working collaboratively and effectively within the Diversity Awareness House in agreed roles.

 Diversity Awareness House Expectations

House Advisor 2018-2019: Joshua Lee (lee8@stolaf.edu), Assistant Director of Residence Life .