Faculty Bio Guidelines

The following are guidelines for extended faculty biographical information.

The goals for extended bios include:

  • Highlight the excellent faculty and teaching at St. Olaf
  • Help prospective students learn about/connect with faculty in their intended field(s) of study
  • Call attention to interesting and timely research projects, especially for the media
  • Make faculty/staff bios reasonably uniform from department to department

Each faculty listings should include:

  • Name
  • Title
  • Office location
  • Campus phone
  • St. Olaf email address
  • Academic degrees w/ institutions

Clicking on the “More” link brings up an extended bio, which includes:

  • General classes or subjects taught
  • A sentence or two from the faculty member about his/her teaching philosophy, what he/she enjoys most about teaching, or what students can expect in the classroom
  • A general overview of research — just a sentence or two
  • A sentence or two about what he/she enjoys doing away from the Hill

Keep in mind:

  • Suggested length for extended bios: approximately 100–150 words
  • Bios should be written in the third person narrative
  • Use first and last name in the first reference. In following references, use last name only; avoid using titles before names, such as Dr. and Professor
  • Content should be relatively evergreen, so no one has to be too focused on keeping things constantly updated
  • Additional information on research or a list of publications can be included and displayed as a separate link

Contact David Gonnerman (x3315) with questions.